Savvy shoppers might be the masters of coupon cutting and buying on a budget, but those aren’t the only ways to save money. If you don’t take advantage of all the life hacks available to you, you’re essentially leaving free cash on the table.
With a little effort and creativity, you can cut hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year from your budget. Plus, if you handle a few small items on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off, you can even find ways to earn more money without working more.

Take these steps to gain control of your financial future.


1. Scan Grocery Receipts for Cash Back


20. Zip Pants Before Washing


21. Save Rainwater


22. Sync Your Sleep Schedule With Daylight


23. Save on a Gym Membership


24. Be Prepared With Options for Unexpected Expenses


25. Insulate Your Outlets


26. Make a Slow Cooker Humidifier


27. Buy Granny’s Electric Teapot


28. Use Wool Balls in the Dryer


29. Bubble-Wrap Your Windows


30. Stay Away From Extended Service Plans


31. Choose the Store Brand


32. Grow Food, Not Lawns


33. Check Your Refrigerator Seals


34. Kill the Dust Bunnies


35. Plant Some Trees


36. Clear That Dryer Vent


37. Trick Yourself Out of Online Impulse Shopping