Maggie Q Discovers Surprising Life Hacks and Shares Personal Anecdotes

From silver screens to trash bag lining techniques and can opener use, actress Maggie Q, known for her captivating role in the ‘Divergent’ series, recently shared her astonishment at discovering two life hacks that have significantly simplified everyday tasks. This revelation came during a conversation with her sister-in-law who introduced her to an alternative method of lining a trash can. The technique involves turning the bag inside out which is contrary to the common practice. This ingenious yet simple trick left the actress genuinely surprised and intrigued.

The Trash Bag Trick and Can Opener Hack

The new trash bag technique was not the only life-altering hack Maggie Q learned. She also discovered a different way to use a can opener. Instead of placing the can opener parallel to the can, as is usually done, she found it surprisingly effective to position the device perpendicular to the can. The ease and efficiency of this method left her in awe, revolutionizing her kitchen routine.

Personal Anecdotes and Upcoming Projects

Apart from discussing life hacks, Maggie Q also shed light on various personal anecdotes. She recounted her experience at a roller rink during a gay skate night, the humorous jealousy of her German shepherd, her struggle with staying up late for a party, and a whimsical dream involving the cast of ‘Friends’ helping her build a house. Such glimpses into her personal life added a lively and intimate touch to her conversation.

Maggie Q’s enlightening interview was part of the ‘One Last Thing’ segment with PEOPLE magazine. In the course of the conversation, she also took the opportunity to promote her latest project, ‘The Family Plan.’ The new series is currently available for streaming on Apple TV+ and promises to showcase the actress in a fresh light.