Eric Chilton shows us a few time savers when it comes taming the toddlers.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Parents, we all know how difficult the little ones can be and can sometimes get into dangerous situations. Here are some life hacks for you!

Let’s start with the doors around your house. Little fingers can get caught in the hinge line of the door and then there’s the case of the kids slamming doors.  I have never understood why they can’t close the door quietly like a normal adult. Anyway, simply take an old pool noodle and cut off a 2-foot section. Then cut a slit down one side. Then carefully wedge it on the top of the door and voila! No more squished fingers or door slamming!

Same idea with the rubber bands but this time we are stopping the kids from being able to lock you out of a room.  You put the rubber bands around the door handle and then twist it once so the “X” is holding the door latch in on the edge of the door. Then attach the other loop to the door handle on the other side. Boom. No more locking doors.

And finally, this one is for all of your potty training a little boy. Take a handful of Cheerios (I know you have some) and sprinkle them in the toilet water. Tell the boys it’s a game to see how many they can hit. This target practice may save you a good bit of cleanup since little boys simply cannot aim very well.