Paddling pools aren’t just for paddling in.

Hot isn’t it? Thank the hot heavens for paddling pools. There’s little better than splashing around in a plastic tub, trying to keep cool, trying even harder not to get grass in it.

This is the way of the British summer. But what about the evenings?

Enter ingenious TikTok user @ourlondonlistedhome, who has taken to the social media platform to share a short video detailing what you can use your paddling pool for when the sun falls in the sky.

In the video, her paddling pool looks unrecognisable, since she’s turned it into a comfy seating area – adding an array of different textured soft blankets and pillows, a bit like the sort of thing a Roman emperor might have lounged on – perfect for relaxing on summer evenings.

Genius! The post has since garnered an impressive 76,000 views.

Bravo @ourlondonlistedhome, if that is your real name. The weather isn’t looking like it’s getting any cooler yet though people, so we’re going to have to be innovative in our ways to make it through the coming scorching days. Thankfully, your friends at Virgin Radio are here to help.

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Stay safe out there people. Stay chilled.