Take a look at these 17 Genius Life Hacks You Need To Know Because You’ve Definitely Been Doing Them Wrong!


1.This pepper-cutting hack that keeps those pesky seeds in their place:

Slicing along the indented lines in a bell pepper, then cutting off those pieces and leaving the seeds in the center
@wellbymel_ / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

Watch the video here:

2. This simple trick to make layering necklaces easy as pie:

3. This genius sports bra/tank top tip that gives you the perfect place to secure your key when your workout gear doesn’t have pockets:

4.This iPhone hack that’ll save you from having to take dozens of screenshots of a single page:

A tutorial to take a screenshot, tap on it, press "full page" in the top right, then view the full page screenshot
Angelica Martinez / BuzzFeed

Watch the video tutorial here:


Here’s how to take a screenshot of an entire page! 🤯

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5. This important hack for locking a broken public bathroom stall in a pinch:

6. This brilliant trick to keep your flowers standing tall no matter what vase they’re in:


Because sometimes we don’t have enough vases to hold the 5 bouquets of flowers we impulse bought ✨

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7.This easy, affordable garbage bag packing hack that everyone needs to know:

A guide to fill a garbage bag with clothes, then use the extension vacuum tool and place it in the bag, holding it closed over the tool. Turn the vacuum on to suck out the air, and twist and tie the bag to seal it
lili.josephine / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

Watch the video here:

8. This super-simple, time-saving trick to de-stem your fresh herbs:


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9. This hack to thread needles (especially with thick thread) like it’s no problem:

10. This trick for smooth, perfectly folded bedsheets straight out of a five-star hotel:

11. These clothes-hanging tips that’ll save you some closet space and keep even the most stubborn clothes from sliding off the hanger AGAIN:

12.This foolproof method for hanging up frames with more than one hook or hole:

Use painter's tape to mark where the holes are, transfer it to the wall and make sure it's straight with a level. Drill where the markings are, remove the tape, and hang up your frame
lonefoxhome / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

Watch the video tutorial here:


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13. This restaurant life hack that’ll keep your plastic cutting board from sliding all over the place while you work (+2 bonus kitchen hacks!):

14. This easy way to open an envelope that I’m kinda mad I didn’t think of first:

15. This no-mess method of grinding coffee beans:

16. This baking hack that gives you the perfect, smooth pan liner every single time:

17. And finally, this genius way to open a pomegranate:

Now it’s your turn! Do you have a life hack you swear by that has made your life waaaaay easier? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

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