Girl Power: Centuries of societal shame have made girls question their own judgements

A group of girl children with their teacher in a library. — X/inspiringgirls

Society majorly ignores the concerns of girls — from being told that they are not entitled to living independently to being coerced to doubt their inner instincts and knowledge.

Following are some notes and things that every girl should know or at least be told once in her life by her sisters, parents and friends.

Financial independence

Financial independence is an important aspect for every girl. Having control over their lives in terms of monetary help them lead a successful life and provide them with confidence to escape unlikely or abusive situations.

Respect and listen to your instincts

Prioritise yourself and take action. If your instinct tells you that a guy/a group is making you uncomfortable, excuse yourself and don’t dismiss your intuition. If you believe your period has begun and/or has leaked, don’t wait to check.

It’s okay to say “no”

Centuries of societal shame have made girls question their own judgements. As a result, most of them feel gaslighted and are coerced to affirm by things and notions even if they don’t want to. Every girl should know that she is entitled to saying no.

Your body is not weird

Boobs, belly, legs, feet, ears, noses come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hairiness degrees. Stop criticising yourself and others based on the size of a thigh gap, how much belly shows through the top of trousers, or how many freaking chins someone has.

Be true to yourself

Be as amusing, independent, intelligent, attractive, infuriating, complicated, and outspoken as you are. Stop looking for people’s validation, the right folks will always stay by your side.