ISLAMABAD: Highlighting Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and exquisite collection of crafts, textile photos, and ceramics, Serena Hotel, under their cultural diplomacy programme, along with Nomad Gallery, held a craft festival on Saturday.

Chief guest Madame Albana Ferrarese, spouse of the Italian ambassador and current president of the Islamabad Foreign Wives Association (IFWA), inaugurated the event. They have been actively contributing to voluntary endeavours pertaining to women’s empowerment, breast cancer awareness, women’s entrepreneurship, and developing cultural exchanges.

The exhibits reflected nomad gallery partners from all over Pakistan: community-based artisans, home-based workers, and entrepreneurs, predominantly female. The designs and products presented were trendy yet inspired by indigenous concepts.

The festival featured brightly woven bags, cushions, accessories by Kimmy, traditional lacquer products crafted from generational skills, tribal truck art products, and furniture for gifts and self-indulgence.

The Kalash community and their indigenous products were represented by two women, partners of Nomad. Browse rich hues of textiles from Sindh, including silk and cotton ajrak, block-printed textiles, totes, home accessories, and trendy ensembles.

There were embroidered and woven shawls, pottery, and accessories from Swat; Phulkari’s from Hazara; a selection of ideal gifts and accessories for Christmas; an exclusive collection of apparel designed by NH to highlight indigenous to contemporary textiles; two organisations representing oils and health food from Hunza; and a community women’s project representing crafts and textiles from Skardu.

“We have contemporary jewellery by our female run partner SS, and from premium-quality semi-precious stones to hereditary motifs, Bareilly Bazar brings to you handmade, gold-plated, traditional signature jewellery,” said Director Nomad Gallery Nageen Hyat.

Nomad Gallery has routinely and holistically supported the economic empowerment of women through its commitment to highlight Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.

Published in Dawn, December 10th, 2023