There’s no shortage of insanely clever hacks and tricks on the internet. By now, it might seem like you’ve seen every extreme life hack in the book. And yet, the 3018 memes has brought a higher level of everyday genius than previously believed possible. While the rest of us are going about our regular, 2018 business, these great thinkers are living in a whole other timeline. Check out some of these incredible, next-level examples of lateral thinking.

1. Puppy Pedicure: Keeping Pets Happy With A Hilarious Hack

Keeping your pets still for any amount of time when you’re trying to groom them can be a nightmare. Which is why this dad’s ingenuity is all the more impressive. Next time you need your pets to sit still, why not try this handy handbag method?

2. Keep Clean: Staying Germ-Free In Public Bathrooms

Door handles in public restrooms can be thriving breeding grounds for bacteria, which is bad news if you’re trying to open the door after washing your hands. Rather than undoing all your good work, you can just squirt some hand sanitizer right out of the handle of this door. Definitely this is something that needs to be implemented everywhere.

3. Butter Fingers: Protecting Your Fingers From Snacks

Hate getting your fingers all greasy when you’re eating snacks? Why not use chopsticks instead? This Twitter genius keeps their hands clean by eating popcorn with chopsticks. That’s definitely a 3018 move.

4. Work Smarter: Making Simple Tasks Much Easier

Sometimes you see something online and you’re amazed you didn’t think of it first. Like this absolute mastermind who figured out he could fill all his watering cans in one go. We salute you, watering can man.

5. Solve For X: Protecting Your Data the Clever Way

It takes a lot of trust to tell someone your PIN number. What if that information got into the wrong hands? If you’re mathematically savvy, maybe you could give your PIN out in the form of a tricky equation. Anyone who’s able to crack the code is definitely deserving of some money.

6. Hands-Free: Drinking and Dining Has Never Been Easier

It’s a struggle trying to eat, drink, and network at an event all at the same time. That’s why these two inspiring guests created their own wine-holding necklaces. Now you can schmooze without holding your booze.

7. Look Up: Pimping Your Ride Made Easy

Long car journeys can get boring, so why not set up your own entertainment system? It doesn’t take much, as this mom shows. Just secure your tablet to the sun shield and you’re good to go!

8. Breakfast of Champions: Cutting Down on Dirty Dishes

Who needs a bowl when you can enjoy your breakfast straight from the box? This is ideal for people who both hate washing dishes and love eating as much cereal as they possibly can.

9. DIY Pool: Building Your Own Swimming Pool

Not everybody has the luxury of owning a pool or going to an exotic location where they can swim in an infinity pool. The solution? Line your balcony with plastic and hope that it supports the weight of the water.

10. Modern Foosball: Giving a Classic Game a Futuristic Twist

The good old days of playing foosball with your friends aren’t gone, they just need a bit of an update. After all, any soccer video game can be a game of foosball if you’re creative enough. Just give it a top-down view and play standing up, and you’re good to go!

11. Dogs Only: Parking for Dogs Outside Stores

How many times have you seen a dog tied up outside a store, patiently waiting for their owner to return? Instead of having dogs wait around at the doors, Finnish stores have created parking spots for dogs, which is both genius and adorable.

12. Easy and Cheesy: Simplifying Grilled Cheese For Everyone

Grilled cheese is a perfect snack, but when you’re lazy it can be a bit of a pain to whip up. Never fear, because some genius on the internet has you covered. This is the way of the future, friends.

13. Nicely Done: Proving Children Are the Future

It shouldn’t surprise us that children are already leagues ahead of their adult counterparts. Like this kid, who is already finding creative ways around their mom’s rules. The future is yours, kids.

14. Need for Speed: Thrusting Towards the Future

Speaking of the genius of kids, check out this mini-mastermind. They managed to figure out how to give their skateboard an extra boost of speed using a leaf blower. Dangerous? Possibly. But undeniably forward-thinking.

15. Drive Through: Taking a Creative Break

A truly creative mind knows that there’s a use for everything. Rather than shrug of a car feature as simply decorative or for aerodynamic purposes, this brave young woman broke the mold and used it as an on-the-road table. That’s some impressive 3018 thinking right there.

16. Breaking Rules: Finding New Ways to Hang Out

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So what do you do when you’re not allowed in each other’s dorms? You hang out right outside, of course.

17. I Spy: Getting the Best Views of the Game

You don’t need all the fanciest and most sophisticated tech in order to live your best 3018 life. Sometimes you just need the creativity and intelligence to get the most out of the tools at your disposal. Like this guy, who used an old-school method of getting some quality close-ups.

18. Place Your Order: Paddling In the Drive-Through

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when life gives you severe flooding, you get in your inflatable ring and you paddle your way through the drive-through for some snacks.

19. Creative Solutions: Painting Isn’t the Only Way to Decorate

It can be hard to feel at home in a new place when you’re not allowed to paint the walls. Luckily, this Redditor came up with a clever and creative way to work around the problem. Next time you’re at your local hardware store, make sure you stock up on those color shade slips.

20. Uplifting Inventions: Protecting Your Nose From Harm

Sometimes when we’re faced with new challenges, we find a well of knowledge and creativity within ourselves that we never knew existed. Like this guy who created a simple, but effective, system for keeping pressure off his nose while still being able to wear his glasses.

21. Hidden Camera: Creating the Illusion of Good Behavior

Modern technology is great, but it’s not infallible. Especially where teenagers are concerned. If you’re leaving your teens unattended, you better have a back-up camera.

22. Close Shave: Grooming for a New Generation

Mirrors? Too old school. If you really want to be futuristic, you need to be cutting your hair with an elaborate set-up of cameras and monitors. It’s the only way.

23. Super Straw: Letting You Drink from Long Distances

No drinks allowed? No problem. Just fuse enough straws together to create an enormous super straw, and place your drink as far away from the pool as possible. It might take forever for the drink to actually hit your mouth, but it will be worth it.

24. Business Time: Making Deals On Your Commute

The future of business means optimizing every minute of your time. On your morning commute? Boom! You’re now in a meeting. Carrying a fold-out desk with you everywhere you go is the most 3018 thing you can do.

25. Here, Boy!: Using Pets to Transport Chargers

What has your pet done for you lately? If you think it’s about time they started pulling their weight around the house, you can always start using them to transport important items around the house when you’re too lazy to do it yourself.

26. Banana Phone: Getting the Most Out of Your Fruit

Sure, fruit is good for you. But did you know it can benefit more than just your health? For example, you can use bananas as an effective, on-the-go phone holder. In the future, everyone will be using fruit to hold their electronics.

27. Mobile Gaming: Keeping You Entertained on the Train

Games can be super addictive. Instead of leaving your console at home, why not take it with you as you travel? This forward-thinking gamer has it all figured out.

28. TV Dinners: Eating Off the Toilet Never Looked So Good

A toilet seat might not seem like the ideal surface to eat off, but hey, it works. This way you can watch TV and eat without ever having to bend down. Just make sure you clean the toilet seat really well beforehand.

29. Food To Go: Making the Most of your Cup Holders

Why use your cup holders just for cups? Why not push the boundaries of what your cup holders can do, and use them to hold an entire meal? You’re only limited by your imagination.