Did you know that if you cut a Ziploc bag in half, you will create two smaller bags? Yes, two halves make a whole, but the point is how you can create two completely functional snack bags from one larger Ziploc bag.

With the closure of the bag horizontal, use a (heated) kitchen knife to slice the bag in half vertically, perpendicular to the closure. You will create multiple functional bags from one.

TikTok is exploding over a video shared by @that40yearguy. He found another video of someone trying to cut a Ziploc bag in half and create two smaller bags. He tried it himself and discovered it works!

You’d think that cutting a ziplock bag down the middle is a waste of a bag, but it’s quite a useful life hack! Considering the cost of smaller Ziploc bags in comparison to the larger size, it makes you wonder.

Try this yourself if you have a Ziploc bag to spare. Try it with off-brand snack bags, too! Slice the bag down the middle, and then consider the snack possibilities.

An important tip to the hack is to heat the knife before you slice the snack bag. Heating the knife helps seal the edges of the bag, however, this tip was not disclosed in the viral video.

So keep that in mind when you test the theory out – and be careful! Any activity involving knives and heating metal should require a responsible adult’s supervision. Do not rely exclusively on the viral video as a guide since there are much more thorough discussions on the topic.

Check out the following link for a more in-depth video to help achieve this life hack!