For some of us, deciding what to pack when taking a trip can feel just as stressful as the actual time in transit. Planning outfits, assembling the right chargers, finding travel-friendly toiletries and being prepared for the unexpected (layovers, you are the worst) can be exhausting. For those who are pro-packers (or anyone who wants to be), utilizing travel hacks like packing cubes and garment bags can help you squeeze a few extra items into your suitcase and avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Traveling is great, but looking like you’ve been traveling isn’t, you know?
One of my favorite traveling hacks? A dirty clothes travel laundry bag.
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It’s a simple idea that can totally change the way you pack, unpack and then repack for the journey home. If you’ve ever cringed as you throw your dirty socks and underwear into your suitcase — right on top of your clean clothes — then you can see the appeal of a dirty clothes bag. As you wear clothes throughout your trip, simply toss them into the bag.
To make things even easier, you can order the Homest XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag. For just $10.98, you’ll get a 2-pack of these packable travel bags.
Price: $10.98 (orig. $13.99) 22% OFF
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Material: Made from rip-stop, extra thick nylon that has double-stitched seams
Design: Available in several bright colors that make the bags easy to spot
Size: At 28” by 40”, the bags are large enough to hold 3 to 4 loads of laundry at once
Closure: Locking drawstring helps keep dirty clothes and their many smells contained
Uses: In addition to a travel laundry bag, the Homest bags can be used to store bedding, pillows, off-season clothes, and other lightweight goods
As a parent and someone who frequently travels to very hot states (Arizona and Florida, because why have horrific dry heat when you can also have horrific humidity?), my once shiny and new suitcases are now often filled with sweaty, damp, and food-filled clothes from big and small people. When traveling, the best way to protect clean clothes is to listen to the great Dexter Holland and keep ‘em separated. The Homest XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag provides a useful and secure place to store dirty laundry while traveling, and it also keeps dirty, smelly clothes separate from clean, stank-free clothes in your suitcase.
Sold in several brightly colored options, the Homest XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag is a must-have for long trips. Sold in single or double packs, the packable laundry bags can be used to sort and gently compress dirty clothes at the end of a trip, providing a convenient way to keep clothes separate when sharing a suitcase or when you’re making multiple stops and don’t want to empty your luggage at each destination. Once you’ve started to get your travel-on, and as a result, your sweat-on, dirty clothes can be placed in one of the Homest bags and kept separate from the rest of your items, keeping your clean clothes and luggage smelling fresh.
At $11 for two generously sized laundry bags, it’s tough to beat the quality and versatility of the Homest XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag. They are great for at-home use and provide an invaluable barrier between dirty and clean clothes inside a suitcase. Again, traveling is great, but looking AND smelling like you’ve been traveling isn’t great.
Price: $10.98 (orig. $13.99) 22% OFF
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