It is very convenient if you have it at home when you want homemade maki sushi, however, it can be a bit high maintenance.

You have to pay attention not to let the ingredients (rice or fish) touch the makisu, and also store it in a way so that it doesn’t get mouldy.



Photo: Image used for illustrative purposes

So even sushi lovers who have one may be wishing for a more convenient way to prepare their rolls.

Well, let us show you the way. Japanese Twitter user Orie (@orie13a) has posted a great cooking lifehack to make perfect the perfect maki sushi with saran wrap, an item more households would have on hand.

For example, Orie used the ever-popular negitoro (diced tuna with green onion). Here’s a method of making perfectly rolled negitoro maki sushi substituting saran wrap for a rolling mat.

The key is to place the tuna right in the centre of the rice in a 1:1 ratio while giving 3cm space on the seaweed at the top as shown below.



Photo: @orie13a



Photo: @orie13a

Orie shared the easy-to-follow method on Twitter, explaining:“Since I’ve been getting used to using saran wrap instead, I no longer use makisu anymore. It’s so easy since I can just toss the plastic wrap after each use. You spread the rice thinly on nori seaweed, so you can use more tuna. This is great to go with alcohol. I wasn’t great at it at first, but giving a 3 cm gap on the seaweed and 1:1 rice space ratio when placing the negitoro is the key to making a better roll.”

Many on Twitter were pleasantly surprised and even amazed at the simple trick and seeing how perfectly made the rolls were with such a simple substitute. Since it’s a saran wrap, you can simply toss it after each use so it also has a hygienic advantage. You don’t have to worry about making such a mess when making some maki sushi anymore.