A mom on TikTok has gone viral with her creative way of serving her kids a lesson in etiquette — fancy meals.

The mom of three known on TikTok as @shenavici, or Shena, has garnered millions of likes on social media with her “Fancy Restaurant” series.

Shena pulls out all the stops when she crafts her fancy dinners for her three kids: golden silverware, laminated menus, candles and dresses. After pretending to be the “server” and taking her children’s orders, she serves them Michelin-star-looking dishes including pan-seared filet mignon, potato soup and deep-fried Oreos.

“Food looks good, where can I make a reservation?” one viewer joked.

Shena told the Rachael Ray show that the dinners had a deeper meaning than pretty plates to share online, though. It also helped teach her children how to act in upscale settings.

“The ‘Fancy Restaurant’ does a lot of things. It started to help us teach them etiquette,” Shena’s husband, Naveen, told the Rachael Ray Show.

“How they treat their servers is very important to us, that they know how to treat others — and also how to keep an open mind when it comes to different foods,” Shena told the show.

Shena’s children sometimes switch roles and serve their mom, too, which admittedly involves a little cleaning up at times.

“This was very beautiful and touching,” one person commented. “I love seeing these experiences.”

“The finest restaurant food prepared with mama’s Love. It’s impossible to get any better,” another said.