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August 11, 2022
Electronics have become so prevalent in our society. Crafts can be a great way to entertain tweens, without using technology, especially in the summer or during other breaks throughout the school year. In this collection of tween crafts, you’ll find an assortment of activities where you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. Many of these ideas use some basic household items, while others require more. Get ready for some awesome craft ideas. I hope your kids enjoy them.
Any kid will love making and wearing these bracelets. They are easier to make than the loom-woven ones. Beads and other decorations can be added and there are different closures available as well. You’ll find video tutorial links here so you tween can master the different knot patterns. Survivalist Bear Grylls wears them too.
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I’ve seen people with these wallets before and always wanted to learn how to make them. I love seeing all the fun duct tape designs in the store and feel like crafts are the perfect way to use them.
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My grandma crochets and always has leftover yarn laying around. With this yarn craft, kids can make these letters as a bedroom decoration. I think they’d look cute on their door, which is something I love to see. It gives you a sense of what a kid is like based on their color choices.
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Painting Seashells is the perfect summer craft and using puffy paint adds dimension. If you aren’t able to collect your own shells, then you can purchase them online. The painted shells could be used as a decoration or glued onto canvas to make a unique piece of art as well.
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Tie-dye was so popular when I was a kid, but I never tried it with shoes. Kids can choose their favorite colors and design their own shoes. I would use this craft project with a group of kids, maybe at a birthday party or camp.
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I’ve never made my own soap before, but this recipe makes it look easy and can be modified to personalize the shape and scent to your liking. It also makes a great gift for friends.
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Another blast from the past, scrunchies! Sewing is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do but never did. This craft seems simple enough and provides step-by-step instructions for making them.
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I’m always looking for ways to repurpose items. This project was done in order to preserve a special memory of her daughter’s childhood, but you can use any shirt of your choice to do this. Your tween may have a favorite shirt they have outgrown that they can use.
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I started using nail polish strips a few years ago and have several bottles of nail polish laying around. This project would help use up some of that polish and leave your child with some unique friendship bracelets. There’s a video that will help you create these as well.
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My 7-year-old loves squishiest, but they are expensive and don’t last long. This seems a bit time-consuming and expensive to get going with, but if you have a budding entrepreneur, you could potentially make your money back. There is a video to demonstrate how to make these as well.
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Have a curious kid that wonders how bath bombs are made? Or maybe one that doesn’t like to bathe? Then you need to get on this now! Bath bombs are everywhere and glow-in-the-dark ones sound like so much fun.
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I keep seeing videos of people making lip gloss and wondered if it was easy to do. This recipe seems easy enough and doesn’t require many ingredients, and you can make so many different flavors.
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Tweens often need to learn how to regulate their emotions, especially at this age when their bodies are changing. Stress balls are the perfect craft to help them manage it all. I’ve seen these made with colored balloons, rather than clear, but I’m liking the colored beads over colored balloons.
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Shower steamers are a personal favorite. I’ve used them for most of my adult life to helping when I have a head cold. This recipe is perfect for just this! It’s a great activity for kids to learn how there are healing properties to basic things when modern medicine isn’t needed.
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Gaming controllers are available in all colors and designs, so I’ve never thought about painting them myself. The special ones are typically more expensive, which is why this activity jumped out at me. You do have to take the controllers apart and there aren’t many colors available using the materials used here, but it’s still a cool idea.
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This activity for kids is the perfect cure for bored tweens. They may just look like cute little monsters, but take off the marker caps and turn on the motors, and you’ll end up with some spiral designs. Combining a STEM activity with a craft is amazing as well.
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My first thought here was how on Earth can you make a bracelet from a popsicle stick, but it seems easy enough. It takes a bit of time to set up the sticks before decorating so that they are wearable, so make sure that you don’t try to do this project in one day.
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This awesome craft isn’t painting in the traditional sense, but still a neat idea. It doesn’t require many supplies and is much less messy than paint, so it’s a win-win. Depending on how intricate the design is, it could take a while to do too.
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I love this cool craft. It’s such a creative idea and is a great addition to any tween’s bedroom. If they have one of the cameras that prints the pictures, then they will definitely want this too. I would paint the clothespins, but it’s not necessary.
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Glitter and confetti are things I don’t typically mess with because they’re…messy. However, these key chains are adorable and I may have to make an exception. They seem easy enough to make and are easy to customize too.
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Have a Cricut machine and wondering how you can get your kids involved with it? These socks are a perfect way! They are a simple design and can be made to show off what they love.
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Again we have glitter, but look at the final product! There have been so many times when I’ve wanted something to match an outfit to go out, but couldn’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Now I know how to make it.
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This is perfect for tweens that love sunglasses but are constantly misplacing them. They are super cute and customizable, making this an amazing art project for anyone. I have an abundance of beads in my house, so this would put them to good use.
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As a teacher, I think this is a perfect project for tweens. While they aren’t ideal for school, they are perfect for a journal or diary. There are always empty (or half-empty) cereal boxes sitting around my house, so this would be an easy project for me.
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Yet another blast from the past, neon! This would be a fun birthday party craft or at a  sleepover. I would do the spray painting, rather than let the kids do so, but that’s just my personal preference. You can use different colors too!
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Cute, functional, and teaches tweens how to sew by hand, what a great idea! You can choose any color combos you like and there’s a template included to make setup easy for everyone. It will keep your glasses from getting scratched in your bag or backpack too.
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This is perfect for kids who use lip balm and want it to be easily accessible. There have been times that I ran out quickly with just my wallet and regretted not having my chapstick with me, so I’d love to receive one as a gift myself.
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I’m unsure how I feel about cutting up comic books for this one, however, if you have some that are damaged laying around, then by all means go for it. Old magazines come to mind here as an alternative and a way to reuse them.
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When I was a tween, I did this exact craft in Girl Scouts, and remember it takes a long time. I don’t mind projects taking longer, but I know some kids don’t have the patience for it. They would make cute bedroom decor or you could use them as a party decoration. Either way, they’re awesome.
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Another way to get rid of the nail polish I have sitting around my house. These mugs would make great gifts for the holidays and don’t take much to make. Add a packet of hot cocoa mix, and a cute spoon, and boom, you have a thoughtful, handmade gift.
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I have mixed feelings about these. They are beautiful to look at, but I don’t know what I would do with them. I guess they could be used for decoration or book ends.
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In my state, plastic bags were banned, so most stores provide paper bags. I love this fun project, which would reuse some of the paper bags we end up with. They could also be used for Halloween.
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This list wouldn’t be complete without a salt dough project. It’s easy to make and can be shaped in any way you choose. It’s challenging to engage tween boys in crafting, but snakes are something that many are interested in. With this cheap craft, you can get those boys away from video games.
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