lemon squeeze hack
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There are several ways to squeeze a lemon, but to ensure all the juice is removed – and the pips don’t end up over your dinner, or in a salad or zesty pudding, there is a handy way to go about it. You can, of course, use a couple of common kitchen tools or a more modern purpose-built lemon squeezer, but @annalanier2 on TikTok shared an “old restaurant secret” to successfully squeeze lemon juice from a whole lemon without making a mess.
Start by cutting a lemon in half, and taking one half, and placing it in between the handles of a pair of tongs.
Push the handles together and watch the juice squeeze out of the fruit.
Don’t discard the lemon half, instead, rotate it between the handles of the tongs and squeeze again to ensure all the lemon juice has been removed.
@annalanier2 commented: “It doesn’t hurt your hands [and] it’s easy.”
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To make sure you’re getting as much juice from lemons or limes, there are two tips that you should consider before cutting and squeezing.
Experts suggest microwaving the citrus fruit whole, on high for 20 to 30 seconds, or until warm.
The microwave heats the fruit from the inside out, and the juice capsules inside burst.
Once the fruit has cooled enough to handle (about 30 seconds after microwaving), slice and juice as normal.
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You’ll find the lemon much easier to juice because many of the juice capsules have already burst.
If you’d prefer not to warm your lemon, simply roll it on the countertop while applying gentle pressure.
This will also break open the juice capsules, making it easier to extract juice after being cut open.
For anyone trying to avoid the seeds falling out, several people suggested turning the lemon upside down and squeezing.
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lemon squeezer juice
The juice will overflow and run down the sides, without the chance of the seeds popping out.
Another popular way to juice lemons is by using a fork; simply stab the fork into half a lemon and move it back and forth whilst squeezing the rind in your hand.
For those whole don’t need to juice a whole or half a lemon, there’s another hack.
@spicednice on TikTok shared her “favourite lemon hack” which involved not cutting the fruit.
Roll the lemon until it softens, then “pierce a skewer into the bottom” of the fruit and remove, then squeeze.
“It’s mess free, and there are no seeds,” the video explained.
One commented: “Oh gosh, that’s genius. Imma start doing that.” Another said: “Oh shoot!! that’s smart!! girl thanks.” A third added: “This is such a good hack.”
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