The internet is a blessing if used wisely. Not every viral video is a reel with coordinated dance moves. You might also find something useful that can save you time, energy and money. And life hacks are on the top.

The way content is consumed over the internet has changed over the years. It is not just limited to entertainment or memes anymore. Informative content is the all a new genre that users across the internet are exploring these days. Viral life hacks also fall under this category. These hacks often make us say: “I was doing it wrong all these years.”

If you are missing out on all the internet gyan, we are here to help you:

5 viral hacks you would not want to miss:

1. The onion hack: This video has over 12 million views on Instagram. A cookbook author and nutritionist Melanie Lionello shared a video of dicing onion hassle-free and without any tears. The video went viral and now everyone is trying the same technique with other vegetables too.

2. Knot the tie in a blink: Knotting a tie seems like a task especially when you are a beginner. But the internet has a solution for you. A video that went viral on Twitter shows how you can knot a tie within a few minutes. Take a look at the viral hack:

3. Cut that cake perfectly: Cutting a cake into perfect, equal pieces can be quite daunting. Therefore, this genius hack came into existence. All you need is a pair of tongs. Watch the viral video and try this ASAP.

4. The egg-hack: Videos of cooking eggs in different ways have a separate fan base. Here’s one of the life hacks that can help you separate the yolk with the help of a garlic clove. Yes, it is that simple. Take a look:

@mealswithmax Tried it with garlic this time! 🍳 #eggs #eggyolk #egghack #maxskitchenhacks #foodhack ♬ original sound – Meals with Max 👨‍🍳

5. No seed peaches: You might have come across videos of taking out seeds from cherries with the help of a straw. Similarly, here’s another one that can help you pull out the seeds from a peach smoothly.

Note: Not every viral hack is worth a try. Some of these can be harmful to your health. Therefore, think twice before believing anything on the internet.