Drying your clothes in the cold winter months without the help of a tumble dryer can be a nightmare, but one woman has a quick solution. Watch the video below:

The only item you need is probably something you already have in the house.

“Want to dry your clothes a lot quicker?” TikTok user @donxdonnn asks at the beginning of her video.

She then tells viewers to turn on their radiators and grab a double or king size fitted sheet.

But don’t fret, you won’t have to change your bedsheets or make the yet for this hack. The sheet is to put over the radiator.

“Put your double fitted sheet over the radiator and put it all the way over the clothes,” she continues.

In the clip, the woman has put her clothes rack next to her radiator. She then places the sheet partly over the radiator and the airer, with one end on the radiator and the other covering the wet laundry on the airer, which is next to the radiator.

“This is genius!” one ecstatic TikTok commenter replied.

However, some viewers weren’t convinced by the hack and suggested other possible solutions.

The woman put her clothes airer next to the radiator. Credit: robert hyrons / Alamy Stock Photo

A couple of commenters suggested using the on ‘double spin’ or ‘extra spin’ in the washing machine, which they said made a huge difference when it came to drying their garments.

“I put my washing on a double spin it has made a difference,” one person commented.

“I put mine on an extra spin find that dries the clothes a lot quicker as well,” added another.

Lots of TikTok accounts also urged the woman to buy a dehumidifier, which removes moisture from the air.

“Buy a dehumidifier, then you don’t have to put your heating on,” one person declared.

One thing you should avoid doing is putting wet clothes directly on a radiator because this could lead to condensation – and eventually mould – as well as make your radiators less efficient.

The woman shared her hack on TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@donxdonnn

Because the mountain of laundry often still needs to be dried before you can wash more, popping some garments on the radiator may seem like a no-brainer.

However, the water in the clothes evaporates and turns into moisture in the air when they’re placed on a radiator.

A moisture overload then leads to condensation, which can form on walls, windows, mirrors. Damp conditions opens the floodgates to black mould growth in these areas, which can lead to health problems.

Plus, a layer of clothes directly on the radiator can increase your bill by obstructing the warm air.

When drying clothes indoors, you should use a well-ventilated room and avoid covering up radiators if you can.

You should also never dry clothes on an electric heater because this is a fire hazard.