A COUPLE have revealed how they built a DIY camper out of a normal Ford van – including a coffee bar and a £23 shower.

Martin and his wife Barb live on the road for around three months a year after building their van on a tight budget.

Martin and Barb built their DIY camper in just three weeks

Martin and Barb built their DIY camper in just three weeksCredit: YouTube/@gloriouslifeonwheels3621
It features a kitchen unit complete with a coffee bar

It features a kitchen unit complete with a coffee barCredit: YouTube/@gloriouslifeonwheels3621
They told the Glorious Life on Wheels YouTube channel that they started out building campers for fun and a dozen projects later they have created their own motorhome.

Martin explained that they used only “thing you can find at a hardware store, things I had already and things I ripped out of another RV” to create their masterpiece.

Based on a Ford Transit, they managed to pack in everything they needed in just three weeks before setting out.

The rear of the van was stripped out so only the two driving seats remained.

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It now hosts a small kitchen unit, with a gas camping stove, vintage storage boxes and coffee bar, as well as their bed wedged in horizontally by the back doors.

They lined the side and roof panels with varnished wooden planks, giving the van a lighter and more homely feel.

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1. Add insulation to the floor with rugs and carpets2. Trim some foil insulation for the windows3. Hang a blanket in front of the door4. Use a hot water bottle and put it in your bed in advance5. Dress in warm and cosy clothes6. Use candles and tea lights to avoid the chill
The couple even managed to fit in a set of dark wooden cabinets, mounted on the wall opposite the headboard of their bed to be used as a wardrobe.

There’s electricity supplied to some newly-fitted internal lights and fans, while the small bathroom sink is freestanding by the door and has running water.

They kept costs down by setting up a makeshift washroom by hanging a tarp across the ceiling and using a water container with a built-in pump and spray nozzle to wash while standing in a bucket.

And speaking of buckets, a chemical loo serves its purpose while saving some much-needed space.

Social media commenters loved the ingenious DIY touches.

One wrote: “Fantastic ideas.”

Another added: “Thank you for this super informative video.”

It comes after one driver revealed a £1.50 B&M item that turns a car into a ride “fit for a princess”.


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