Ahn Sohee recently introduced her personally purchased items on her YouTube channel ‘Ahn So-hee’ in a video titled ‘My Money, My Purchase: Regret-Free Life Quality Improvement Items | Sohee’s Genuine Picks‘. 

In the video, Ahn So-hee expressed her fondness for hats, starting with a cap from Brand A which she bought during her New York vlog. She mentioned that, although the brand is for men, the cap’s adjustable size makes it suitable for women as well and it even has the effect of making the face look smaller.

Next, she introduced a hat from Brand C, priced around 900,000 Won (approximately 729 US Dollars), which she bought recently in December. So-hee humorously shared that she ended up buying it for herself while shopping for a friend’s gift.

She also mentioned a navy-colored hat from the same brand, praising its longer brim and rounded shape for being comfortable and suitable for many people. The hat’s simple design with a logo makes it an easy-to-wear accessory.

Furthermore, So-hee talked about supplements she takes, like Arginine on an empty stomach in the morning, and a powdered form of Vitamin C. She also mentioned choosing supplements with eye-catching designs, like the yellow ones, during her travels in the USA due to fatigue.

Lastly, Ahn So-hee called her breakfast routine ‘extreme,’ always including eggs. She also talked about recently buying an egg cooker, joking about her stubbornness in using a pot for boiling eggs despite frequently messing it up.