Paige Spiranac is an influential social media personality and a prominent golfer. She has been playing golf for many years now. The 30-year-old influencer is pretty active on social media and updates her fans about golf from time to time.

Interestingly, she also gives her fans tips about the game of golf. However, Spiranac’s new Instagram video was different from her usual content. This time she taught her followers a hole-playing tutorial. She showed her followers the two ways to play a hole in golf i.e. aggressive and safe.

Paige Spiranac adopted a different stance and positioning for both of those approaches and tried to beat the par for that respective course. Finally, she got the par score for both of those approaches with a different process altogether.

“Two balls, one cup! I play one hole two different ways to see if it’s better to lay up or be aggressive. What is your style of play?” Spiranac stated in her caption.

The informative video by Spiranc soon started to become viral on Instagram and has over 95,000 likes and hundreds of additional comments. She was seen wearing her traditional white outfit along with her signature putters.

Paige Spiranac reveals reason behind not pursuing golf full-time

The sport of golf has a rich history and many golfers have devoted their entire lives to the sport. However, Paige Spiranac, who initially started out as a golfer currently works as an influencer and rarely appears for any golfing events.

Spiranac had struggled for several years to get a breakthrough in golf, especially the LPGA Tour. However, after countless attempts, success evaded her, and the 30-year-old decided to switch to social media.

Paige Spiranac explained her tumultuous journey (via MARCA):

“I was burnt out of, I wouldn’t say golf, just dedicating my life to something and not really seeing the results. With gymnastics, it was hard because I was fighting injuries and then with golf – golf is such an interesting sport because you can work out, eat right, practice and still not achieve your goals. That was something for me that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.”

Currently, Spiranac is one of the biggest sports influencers in the country and has managed to get a massive fan following from several countries in the world.