Omaha businesses working to improve foot traffic on NW Radial, Saddle Creek corridors

Omaha businesses working to improve foot traffic on NW Radial, Saddle Creek corridors

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The push to revitalize Northwest Radial Highway and Saddle Creek Road is marching forward.

Business Improvement District members are looking to increase walkability in the area with the new streetscaping project.

“A more user-friendly experience for pedestrians to get along the district,” BID member Joshuwa Hannum said.

Hannum and other members of the BID have formed a preliminary plan to expand the sidewalks, add bike lanes and improve parking.

In the fall, the city council gave them the green light to increase business services and visibility in the area.

“It’s really similar to what’s been done in Blackstone, Dundee, and Benson,” Hannum said.

In the BID plan, they’re renovating North 49th and 50th streets from Saddle Creek all the way to Northwest Radial Highway.

Hannum said this is not just to make the streets look better, but create a safe place for people to walk and ride their bikes.

“Add some landscaping measures, new trees, bushes, grass, and make it more dog and pet-friendly,” Hannum said.

Sgt. Peffer’s has been on Saddle Creek for 35 years.

Owner Tim Peffer looks forward to the project. He told 6 News he doesn’t mind more traffic inside his restaurant.

“We still do 75% of business in that dining room that we have,” Peffer said.

Peffer just hopes parking outside his restaurant doesn’t get lost once renovations start.

“We’ll just wait to see what the plans are and what beautifications they have and go from there,” Peffer said.

If you’d like to make a public input on the project click here.


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