Halloween is a time for thrills and chills to be sure, but it isn’t only about the scares. It’s also about embracing your silly side and having as much fun as possible! That’s where these DIY funny Halloween costumes come in. You’ll make everyone howl with laughter this year when you try one of these hilarious costume ideas for individuals, couples, families, and kids.

Here, you’ll find side-splitting pun Halloween costumes (like a “raining men” look featuring an umbrella and pictures of your favorite heartthrobs 😂), costumes inspired by your favorite funny movies and TV shows (Hello, Schitt’s Creek costume ideas!), and some throwback ’80s and ’90s Halloween costumes that’ll make everyone feel nostalgic. And if you can’t decide between a funny or scary Halloween costume, we found a few ideas that are the best of both worlds, like a group vintage clown costume and outfits inspired by your favorite monster cereal characters. No matter which costume you pick, it’s sure to be a total scream for everyone involved!