Fisker just released 20 new tutorial videos, kicked off an exciting Fisker Ocean contest, and hit the road to Montreal for the upcoming test drive pop-up event.

Today, Fisker dropped 20 new tutorial videos demonstrating how to use your Fisker Ocean. These videos will be especially useful for anyone receiving their brand new Fisker Ocean. We’ve personally viewed each video, and they’re fantastic—plus, we picked up a few new tricks along the way. These eagerly anticipated YouTube videos guide owners through every aspect of operating the Fisker Ocean, covering everything from utilizing the key fob and driving the electric vehicle to adjusting specific settings like regen braking, the sound system, steering wheel, and climate control settings.

Fisker Ocean Max Range Challenge

Fisker Ocean driving through countryside.
Fisker Ocean driving through countryside.

Get go the distance in your Fisker Ocean and embark on the ultimate driving challenge! Fisker is calling all owners to showcase the remarkable range of their Fisker Oceans, in the official launch of the Fisker Ocean Max Range Challenge. From now until November 7th, 2023, Fisker Ocean owners worldwide have the chance to prove their electric prowess by achieving the longest range on a single charge.

The stakes are high, with eight national winners from qualifying countries snagging a $1,000 cash voucher, and one exceptional driver crowned the grand prize winner. This lucky individual not only takes home $3,000 but also enjoys an all-expenses-paid trip to Graz, Austria, where the carbon-neutral magic happens—exploring the facility where Fisker vehicles are born. Fisker owners, power up your electric SUVs and show the world that when it comes to range, you and your Ocean are in a league of their own!

Fisker Ocean Road Tour Hits Montreal!

Fisker Ocean test drive event in Toronto, Canada.
Fisker Ocean test drive event in Toronto, Canada.

Right now, the Fisker Oceans are en route to the upcoming test drive pop-up event, cruising from Toronto, where the Canadian tour kicked off last week, to the next destination in Montreal. Montreal marks the next leg on the Fisker Ocean road tour, with the test drive extravaganza set to unfold at CF Carrefour Laval starting tomorrow, October 18th through the 20th. The journey’s final pitstop is Vancouver, where the Fisker Ocean test drive event will rev up from October 27th to 29th at CF Richmond Center. Don’t miss out—secure your test drive appointment and snag a spot. Here’s to hoping you get to dive into the electric SUV experience while it’s making waves in Canada!

Reserve Your Fisker Ocean

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