Eleglide has presented the M2, the successor to the first e-bike M1. We have already briefly presented the new bike. However, that was not enough for us. We wanted to test the model, which follows a bike with a particularly good price-performance ratio, in practice – and have done just that for you! How the Eleglide M2 fared in the test, we reveal to you below.

Technical data

Tire size 27.5 inches
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Range Up to 125 km
Braking Hydraulic disc brakes
Engine power 250 watts
Battery 540 Wh, 36 V, lithium-ion
Dimensions 180 x 68 x 106 cm
Weight 22 kg
Load time approx. 10 hours
Price €819.99 (with coupon NNNEUEM2)

Delivery and scope of delivery

Eleglide’s M2 was delivered to us as an ordinary package via DPD. Compared to some competing products, which are delivered by freight forwarding, this offers some advantages. In particular, the time and organizational effort for receiving the new e-bike is significantly lower with an ordinary parcel delivery. In case of doubt, the e-bike can be parked in the hallway with a parking permit and taken into the apartment when returning home after work. Another striking feature is that the package is relatively light. This means it can easily be transported to higher floors. Otherwise, it is kept inconspicuous: It has the classic cardboard color and bears the manufacturer’s name as well as the model name.

The Eleglide M2 comes in an ordinary package

The bike is delivered partially disassembled in the described box. This means that assembly work will definitely be required, but at the same time it will in all likelihood not exceed a tolerable level even for non-professionals – more on this in the assembly section. Specifically, the handlebars, front wheel, saddle, LED headlights and pedals are delivered individually, while the base frame is already assembled. Here, we noticed positively that Eleglide carefully protects the sensitive parts of the e-bike. They are all encased in a securely attached protective cover.

All easily damaged parts are well protected.

The package also includes an instruction manual, the tools needed for assembly, a charger, the battery wrench, spoke reflectors, a rear reflector and the throttle of the bike.


After unpacking the individual parts is the assembly. This proved to be easy in our test – even without prior technical knowledge and own toolbox. Eleglide supplies – as already mentioned – all the necessary tools as well as detailed assembly instructions. Handlebars and lighting elements are mounted using an Allen key, while an open-end wrench is required for the front wheel and pedals. Finally, the saddle is attached via quick release. Once all missing parts are mounted, the tires must be inflated, the chain lubricated and the gears adjusted. In addition, it is useful to check all the screws again. The assembly takes a total of about two hours – and can thus be done in a reasonable time.

Tools and individual components are included

Design and finish

Once the Eleglide M2 is assembled, it can be admired in all its glory. Visually, it primarily convinces with its matte finish in combination with individual red elements. Eleglide focuses on a classic bicycle look – and with the matte-red contrast on a classic design that is by no means typical for e-bikes. It is noticeable that the manufacturer does without a splash guard. As expected, there is also no luggage rack on this bike. Therefore, it looks relatively minimalistic in the rear area. The design is also strongly characterized by the massive battery, which is located on the M2’s center bar and makes it recognizable as an e-bike. Less attractive are the many and very thick cable hoses. However, it should also be noted in this regard that the Eleglide M2 has a lot of cables – and they have to be accommodated somewhere, after all.

Built up, the M2 makes quite an impression.

Processed the wheel is very high quality. We were particularly struck by the rubberized hand grips, which provide a great grip with their special pattern. The saddle also looks high-quality. The same goes for the linkage, the gears and the exceptionally high-quality lamp at the front for a bike. However, there is one shortcoming: the rear lacks a light, which needs to be retrofitted.

A small display shows the most important information

Furthermore, the small display, which is located on the left side of the handlebars, should be mentioned. On this the driven speed, the traveled total distance and the battery charge are displayed. The selected support level is also displayed. At the bottom of the display is also a button with which the front light can be controlled.

Practical test of the Eleglide M2

We have of course not only assembly and processing of the Eleglide M2 tested, but the wheel also in practice under the magnifying glass taken. Here we have concentrated – in addition to the overall impression – on three core aspects: the gear shift, the pedal assistance and the battery.

Gear shifting and motor

The gear shifting used on the M2 was taken directly from its predecessor, the M1, and was already convincing on this model. Thus, the M2 from Eleglide also has 24 gears with Shimano rear derailleur. It should be noted that the M2 from Eleglide is planned as a mountain bike. The lowest gears are hardly suitable for flat roads, but ideal for hill climbs. This is therefore by no means a shortcoming of the e-bike, but a special feature that all riders should be aware of. Those who want to cover longer distances on the road should rather use a gear in the lower mid-range. In our test, shifting worked smoothly and without delay at all times. We noticed that starting off is effortless even in higher gears, which can be attributed to the engine.

The M2 features a Shimano shifting system with 24 gears.

Overall, this makes the M2 well-suited for a wide variety of uses with gear shifting that is exceptional in its price range. By comparison, most inexpensive e-bikes only have seven gears and are thus much more limited in their range of applications.

Pedal assistance

The aforementioned motor is 250 watts strong, features a nominal voltage of 36 volts and reaches a peak output of 570 watts with an output torque of 55 Newton meters. This is above average for an e-bike, which is noticeable during the ride. When the pedal assist is activated, the motor turns on and makes riding noticeably easier. It is interesting to note that the selected pedal assist level does not regulate the power of the motor, but the final speed. The lowest level supports up to 12 km/h, the highest up to 25 km/h. What we noticed rather negatively in the test is the slight delay in pedal assistance. Time and again, the motor does not start immediately, but only after a few seconds. Sometimes the reverse phenomenon is also evident and the support remains for a few seconds after pedaling has been stopped. Both are not really annoying, but can become unpleasant in exceptional situations, for example in front of a traffic light. In running mode, however, the pedal assistance is flawless. In particular, the fact that acceleration runs without jerking was noticed positively by us.

The pedal assistance does not include the suspension fork, which, however, clearly contributes to the riding pleasure just like the motor. Eleglide relies here on a comparatively inexpensive model, which increases the comfort, however, especially in the terrain noticeably.


The battery is significantly stronger than that of the previous model.

Also important for the experience on the road or off-road is the battery. Only when it is charged can the motor and thus the pedal assistance be accessed. That the model installed in the Eleglide M2 is large and thus potentially equipped with some capacity is quickly apparent: As already mentioned, the block on the center bar characterizes the look. The model used is a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 540 Wh. Compared with the predecessor, this is a significant leap forward: Now, a range of up to 125 kilometers is supposed to be possible, whereas it was only 65 kilometers before. We did not test the range in our practical test. However, we noticed that the battery actually lasts for a long time – trips of more than 50 kilometers were no problem. It recharged after about ten hours. We only noticed the fact that the battery status display is not very accurate. It only differentiates between five levels, visualized by bars. An exact percentage display would certainly have been more helpful. Thus, it is advisable to recharge early in order not to have to realize that the charge will not be sufficient in case of doubt.

We can object to our point of criticism that an accurate battery display is definitely available. If you download the app for the bike, you can see the exact battery status among other things. However, this is not particularly practical – especially since many people like to do without taking their cell phone with them on off-road bike tours.

Brakes and tires

Hydraulic disc brakes are not a given in this price range.

Also worth mentioning are the hydraulic disc brakes used on the Eleglide M2. Here, the manufacturer once again shows that it is interested in really high-quality equipment. The competition in this price range relies almost entirely on mechanical disc brakes, which are less precise dosing and have a lower braking force. Especially in borderline driving situations, the advantages of the hydraulic brakes should also become apparent in practice.

The tires are suitable for off-road use

We would also like to briefly mention the tires, which are recognizably intended for off-road use with their tread. They did not attract our attention further in the test, which is a positive sign: they wear on a wide variety of surfaces and do their job reliably.

Conclusion on the Eleglide M2

Overall, we rate the new Eleglide M2 positively, in particular, we would like to emphasize the price-performance ratio. Thus, the e-bike with a list price of about 900 euros is located rather in the lower price range, but has an extremely high-quality equipment. For example, the 24-speed gears, the 540 Wh battery and the powerful 250 watt motor. The e-bike is delivered partially assembled and can be assembled without technical know-how. Afterwards, the bike can be used both off-road and on the road. Despite minor weaknesses, the pedal assist carries very solidly and provides decent thrust and a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h. With suspension forks, hydraulic disc brakes and solid tires, the ride is safe and comfortable at all times. We can recommend the Eleglide M2 as an affordable yet very high-quality e-bike. With our discount code NNNEUEM2 you can get it at Geekbuying for the preferential price of 819.99 euros and thus save another bunch of money.

Design and workmanship



Ride comfort

Value for money


The Eleglide M2 can clearly convince especially with its price-performance ratio. It offers high-quality components at a price of only 900 Euros.