If the art you’re seeing on Twitter right now is looking a little sus, there’s a good reason for it.
If you're scrolling through Twitter and thinking that a bunch of the art you see is looking a little sus, then there's a good reason for it as artists all over the internet have come together to make art tutorials using the Crewmate from Among Us.
Over the past couple of days, looking at art on social media has turned from being relaxing to feeling like some kind of interrogation where everyone is out to trick you and the last thing you ever see is a small spaceman shaped like a chicken nugget with a visor. Oh, wait. That's basically just describing Among Us, isn't it? Well, that's exactly what's happening all over social media as people hide Crewmates in their artwork and even use them as a sort of tutorial to help artists with specific shapes.
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A thread by juliaaFNF highlights some of the best examples of the trend so far, and it's continuing to be updated daily. One of the first and most popular examples is using Crewmates to more to draw eyes. According to some artists, drawing a Crewmate with big shoes looks exactly like "sad anime eyes", which is hard to refute after looking through the thread. That even extends outside of sad eyes specifically, as some artists have managed to show more specific emotions by having Crewmates jump or twerk. That's something I never thought I'd write.
Although the first set of eyes is very distinctly Among Us, other artists have revealed ways to make the reference a little less obvious, such as hiding it underneath an eyelid. The further the thread goes, the more difficult it becomes to find the sussy influence, leading to some realistic examples that basically need you to know beforehand.
Eyes aren't the only body part that are getting the Among Us art treatment. Some examples on the thread include hands (just turn that crewmate upside down and you've got a palm and thumb), hair, nails, noses, and even ears. That's right, some artists can pretty much make an entire human being simply by flipping around Crewmates and adding some extra bits here and there. Isn't the internet wonderful?
It's not just bodyparts, either. Things get a little weirder and more specific here, but at least this whole meme isn't some kind of Among Us Frankenstein experiment, eh. Some notable Crewmate uses include scared cats, asses, chef saltbaker, teeth, and "the golden ratio". It really is as weird as it sounds, but impressively, all of art is quite well put together, whether you know there's a hidden Crewmate in there or not.
Although using Crewmates to make art almost definitely started off as a meme, some of the examples that have been shared are actually pretty impressive and could be quite helpful for anyone struggling to get into art. Just don't be surprised if people keep pointing at your art and accusing it of being some kind of space parasite.
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