I hate my laundry room. Like hate-hate it. It is boring and bland, and I never have enough space. Of course, it is a laundry room, and most people aren’t expecting perfection or even for it to look as nice as the rest of your house, but wouldn’t it be nice if it could?

Well, TikTok creator Lauren of FarmHouseIsh has been doing her absolute best to totally transform her laundry room into a bright, welcoming, and storage-filled space, and that includes building some custom built-ins, and I never realized it was so easy to do!
So Lauren has quite a large laundry space, and that means that she has a good amount of room to do whatever she wants to! Part of that means making little additions here and there, but she also wanted to add some more storage. The solution? Add some custom built-ins in and around some already existing cabinets that she had!
She starts by bringing down her existing wall cabinets, making room above each for her to be able to add in some custom-built cabinets that she had made to fit in said space. Said cabinet goes into place before she creates more cabinets in the space between the left and right sides, meaning that there is now tons of storage up and out of the way of the washer and dryer area. These middle cabinets get screwed upwards into the ceiling joists, making them extra sturdy!
One cute beadboard feature along the bottom of the top cabinets later and the end result is one that is quite remarkable! I, for one, am totally taking down notes and will be repeating this, or at least my attempt at something like this, in the near future!

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