(670 The Score) We here at 670 The Score love trade rumours, and absolutely adore them. What do you think puts the bread on my $105 IKEA table? (Sorry to flex, but…) Real answers are for the birds. Those are my five best trade deadline destinations for Zach LaVine, and I want them now. This isn’t your parents’ 670, either – we aren’t just writing columns or doing radio hits. We’re *creating* content. From thin air! Consider this: If you walk into a kindergarten classroom anywhere across the country, you’ll find a bunch of kids who are being taught to write. But how many are being taught to create content? They don’t just hand out pageviews at the corner store; by the grace of our one true omniscient being (SEO), we earn them. So I humbly present to you today’s life’s work: four fun, easy ways to avoid those pesky trade rumors surrounding Bears quarterback Justin Fields. You know the ones.

1. Think about it! 
Something to think about: Does it really sound like Fields is going to get traded? I don’t think it really sounds like Fields is going to get traded. Maybe Warren Sapp and Jason La Canfora are onto something and that at this time next season we’ll be fast-forwarding 25 minutes into a podcast to hear what they know about the Bears’ attempts to trade C.J. Stroud for the chance at Caleb Williams. On the other hand, maybe Sapp and La Canfora (who certainly aren’t alone in this) aren’t quite as dialed into that whole conversation as the RTs would suggest and that there is at least some credibility to Bears general manager Ryan Poles’ public support of Fields since the season ended. It could certainly be blowing smoke or it could be the realization that Plan A is watching a unique, insanely-talented quarterback and Plan B is scouting a unique, insanely talented quarterback class. That is just one example of something you could think about. And on a slightly different (petty?) note, if we’re going to play the trust game with Unconventional Twitter Sources, there are plenty of those to be found – some with, sigh, pretty good track records – saying the opposite. All things to think about!

2. Tweet about it! 
Fire those tweets off. Who cares. This offseason will force you to pick a side eventually. You* (*I) think you’re* (*I’m) better than weighing in, and then you* (*I) see just one too many mild opinions that you* (*I) kind of generally disagree with, and all hell breaks loose. In so few of life’s instances would I ever advise anyone to tweet through it, and yet this is one of those moments. Embrace it. Tweet about it.

3. Don’t do anything about it! 
This is generally my preferred approach. It never hurts to simply log off and spend your precious free time watching a dark, depressing depiction of our earth overrun by fungus Zombies. (And they’re not even the whimsical, slow-walking ones that make the apocalypse look kinda chill?) You could spend your time pondering cap casualties or even — if it got bleak — making a mock draft. Once you don’t do anything about it, there’s time for it all. Didn’t you say you wanted to cook more at home this year? If you’ve already thought about it and don’t want to tweet about it, not doing anything about it could be just what you’re looking for.

4. Write about it! 
I’m sorry if you were waiting for this to tie together with some sort of legitimate NFL analysis. We weren’t lying when we put clickbait in the title. But that also isn’t stopping you from, in theory, writing about it. There’s plenty of therapeutic benefits to putting your thoughts on paper. Whether it’s a column or a list or a not-really-either-in-a-confusing-and-lazy-way piece, sometimes writing helps clear the head. And other times you just sort of stop at a certain point because it isn’t getting any better.