• Alejandro Colomar was fined for walking around his town nude.
  • A top Spanish court ruled in his favor after he was accused of “obscene exhibitionism,” Reuters reported.
  • He argued that the fines violated his freedom “ideological freedom,” the report said. 
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A top Spanish court reportedly ruled that a local man has a right to walk around naked in public.

The court in Valencia, Spain noted that 29-year-old Alejandro Colomar, who was previously cited by police for roaming naked in his village of Aldaia, did not illustrate an “alteration of citizen security, tranquility or public order,” Reuters reported on Friday.

Public nudity was legalized in the country in the late 1980s, according to the report, which is why Colormar, who started to go without clothes in 2020, thinks the “obscene exhibitionism” allegations brought against him by local officials there had no grounds.

“According to the dictionary that implies sexual intent and (that) has nothing to do with what I was doing,” he told the outlet, adding that the fines against him violate his “ideological freedom.”

The Daily Mail reported last September that Colomar had been fined several times for his actions and he said that he was disciplined because “the police basically do not know the laws.” According to the report, he was fined around R50,000.

During that time, he attempted to attend a courthouse hearing only sporting socks and boots but received pushback from law enforcement, according to The Daily Mail.

However, he later put his clothes on to enter the building, according to the reports.

“I am going to show them that I can go like this and since they bother me, I bother them,” Colomar told reporters in 2022, The Daily Mail reported.