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January 7, 2022
Today’s busy, screen-filled world makes it extremely difficult to get kids out and about in nature. However, spending time outdoors can provide many benefits. The beautiful environment can be intriguing, and it can decrease anxiety while increasing one’s imagination and creativity.
Therefore, encourage your kids to go on an adventure and gather natural objects and materials to create some beautiful, interesting, and fun pieces of art. Use these 27 suggestions to assist you in choosing the perfect nature crafts for your kids to create!
Kids love picking up sticks in the woods! Use these sticks, glue, and cardboard to create these cute owls.
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Collect items in nature and let your kids practice their motor skills while creating these cute leaf faces.
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These woodland animal headbands are a simple nature craft that your kids will have a blast creating.
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Collect treasures in the woods and add a little cardboard and hot glue to create this amazing craft.
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Use markers and a collection of leaves to create these brilliant multi-hued leaf prints that are great to frame as keepsakes.
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You can build an entire community of stick people with a few sticks, colored yarn, and googly eyes!
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This inexpensive craft is a fun, wonderful way to increase fine motor skills as well creativity.
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To make these beautiful plant and leaf impressions, all you need is some clay, leaves, and small plants.
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This Christmas tree craft is extremely versatile and so cute! Decorate these tree ornaments with a variety of items.
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These beautiful lanterns are fun art projects for kids to complete. They also make terrific fall decorations.
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These holiday ornaments made from mini pinecones are the perfect nature craft! These are gorgeous hanging on a Christmas tree!
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Make an entire family of stick fairies! This lovely craft uses natural materials, and the kids have a blast making them!
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These leaf critters are so cute! Kids will have a blast as they paint the leaves to look like critters.
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What a cool nature craft! Kids will have lots of fun using leaves to create this adorable owl project.
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These beautiful star-shaped ornaments will add a touch of glamour to your tree. They also look beautiful on packages.
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This evergreen wreath is the perfect holiday craft idea! Your child will have so much fun gathering the materials for this project.
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Your children will have tons of fun making these adorable necklaces to form their very own glitzy acorns.
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This craft is an awesome nature weaving activity for kids, and it can be completed with common materials from your backyard!
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This is a terrific nature craft! Your kids will love adorning themselves with these colorful marble acorn necklaces.
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When your kids are finished with this fun craft, they will have their own dreamcatcher to hang over their beds.
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These adorable painted leaf monsters are a terrific fall nature craft for kids, and they will have a blast creating them!
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This beautiful craft can be created to showcase a favorite memory. Nature weaving makes this a gorgeous frame.
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Create this stunning nature art craft by using twigs, fairy hats, glue, and autumn-colored paint shades.
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Use rocks to create this easy and adorable fairy house for your fairy garden. Your kids will most definitely enjoy it!
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Makes these gorgeous nature-inspired mobiles from pine cones and other materials that can be found in your backyard.
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This cute and easy nature bracelet is the perfect craft to keep your kids entertained on family nature walks.
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These pine cone owls are an adorable autumn craft that kids of any age will have loads of fun making.
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Creating crafts with natural items engages children in many ways while encouraging their creativity and imagination. Your children will thoroughly enjoy hunting for these precious and crafty items in nature.
Take them on a nature adventure outdoors and encourage them to find items to create the 27 nature crafts that were mentioned above. They will have a blast as well as many precious memories and keepsakes.
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