Courtesy of the #TeachersOfTikTok, whose creativity never fails to amaze.
Would Mom appreciate a gift certificate to the spa or that leather laptop bag she’s been eyeballing for months on Mother’s Day? Well, yeah. But the odds are if you ask a bunch of moms how they’d feel about getting a homemade gift on Mother’s Day from their kid, most would love it. The same general idea stands for Mother’s Day plans. While it’s 100% OK (and healthy, even) to want to spend the afternoon away from your kids, you may decide you want to do something with them on "your" holiday. If that aligns with your plans this year, Mother’s Day crafts could be the way to go.
And if you need inspiration for last-minute crafting ideas that kids will enjoy creating just as much as Mom — or any child’s guardian or caregiver — will enjoy getting, you turn to TikTok. More specifically, you turn to teachers on TikTok. To paraphrase Emily Barrett Browning, How do we love thee, teachers of TikTok? Let us count the ways! But seriously, every parent should follow #TeachersofTikTok. Case in point? These easy, adorable, and inclusive crafts that make an ideal activity for this special holiday.
This sweet craft from Lucky Little Learners entails drawing a Mother’s Day message on unglazed tile with permanent markers, then Mod Podge’ing so it will last… forever (OK, maybe not forever, but moms everywhere will try to hang on to these that long).
A Dream or a Day Art creator Andrea Nelson’s shrinky dink handprint idea requires refreshingly few supplies, which you may already have at home. This super-cute craft creates the kind of keepsake that would bring a smile to the face of any parent (of a child or pet). All you need is paint, a permanent marker or two, and shrinky dink paper. You can purchase the paper online or at most craft stores, and you just put it in the oven based on the package’s instructions.
For families tighter on resources, Growing With Glynn creator Hailey Glynn offers a simple craft that requires little in the way of resources but is big on love. Gather up a piece of string or yarn, some construction paper, and either print or jot down the poem provided by Glynn. Stick the finished result in an envelope, and voila!
Your little one’s love will always shine through this handprint mason jar from Happy Toddler Playtime. You’ll need contact paper (to trace your kiddo’s hand), a mason jar (to stick the imprint on), paint (to color the area surrounding the imprint), and a tealight (to stick inside).
With a little construction paper, some aluminum foil, and a dash of creativity, kids can create a “mirror” that makes the world’s best mom appear (hint: it’s you!). Classroom By Renn’s Mrs. J has all the resources you need to make this craft happen.
Made to Be a Kid’s Katie Wyllie offers a cute spin on the classic Mother’s Day flowerpot craft. In this version, kids’ thumbprints create the wings of butterflies encircling the pot. Upping the sweet factor? It’s then filled with Dove chocolates.
Teacher Julie Creasy Davis knows that kindergarten crafts should be simple but still colorful and fun. This super-easy flower painting project fits the bill. A parent or guardian will need to trace the outline of the flower (Davis used glue mixed with black paint to create a dark outline), but then their little Picasso gets to paint all of the petals.
Who doesn’t love a good tea pun? This craft idea from Rachael at Fantastic Firsties is a two-in-one. First, she shares a teapot craft she made as a child for her mom that, tbh, would be a cute DIY option in and of itself. But she’s now created an updated version that includes lines for a child to write their own message to Mom. Bonus: It includes two tea bags, so the person on the receiving end of this gift can enjoy a cozy cuppa later.
You can never, never go wrong with the standby painted handprint. Learning With Kelsey’s take on the treasured classic will see your child use their hand to create a strawberry, and their finger to paint on seeds. The accompanying message — “I love you berry much” — would melt anyone’s heart, Mother’s Day or not.
Yep, another variation on a shrinky dink craft — because shrinky dink paper is amazing and affordable. Forewarning: This one from teacher Maria Almaraz will tug at your heartstrings even harder! Using the shrinky dink paper, you’ll create lines that mimic a piece of notebook paper. Then, your child will write you a message on it. Pop the paper in the oven according to the instructions that came with it, and you’ll have a thank you note from your child you can carry with you at all times.
Whether your goal is to spend some quality time with your kids or help them create something heartfelt for another mother (or guardian) in your lives, Mother’s Day crafts make for a sweet holiday activity.