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Published on Dec 16, 2022
TikToker Victoria (@vicsauce) shared the little-known cleaning hacks she’s developed after living on her own for eight years, and TikTokers couldn’t get enough of them.
Cleaning tips and tricks I wish I knew sooner as former housekeeper and late twenties something (oh god) 🫧 #fyp #cleanwithme #cleantok
Victoria is a TikToker who loves sharing useful life hacks and cozy content. In a video, Victoria shared a handful of nifty cleaning tips that are as simple as they are surprising. Spoiler alert: Fabric softener has uses you’ve probably never imagined!
The video begins with Victoria standing in front of a mirror, showing off her outfit. The TikToker wears a pair of high-waisted blue jeans and an oversized white button-down shirt. She looks both cozy and chic.
“I’ve lived on my own for eight years, and I’ve learned over this time that there’s a lot of things I don’t know about cleaning,” the TikToker explains. 
The video cuts to a montage of Victoria making her bed, folding sheets and tidying her home.
“After a little while, I got the hang of it, and I wanna share things with you I wish I knew sooner,” Victoria says.
“Number one,” Victoria begins, “no fabric softener on your towels!” 
Victoria holds up a bottle of clear liquid, then turns it around to reveal that it’s vinegar.
“White vinegar only,” Victoria says, placing the bottle of vinegar on a stack of dirty towels and walking toward her washing machine. “Keeps them fluffy and absorbent.”
“Next, I know none of us like cleaning baseboards,” Victoria says, placing a bowl of water and a washcloth in front of her baseboards. “But sometimes it has to happen. Sometimes, not often.”
Then Victoria begins pouring fabric softener into the bowl of water.
“This is where I do use fabric softener,” she explains. “I mix it with some warm water. Wash and wipe your baseboards with this. Fabric softener has an anti-static effect, so it keeps away pet hair and dust.”
“Lastly, I don’t splurge on those nicely scented garbage bags,” Victoria says, opening her trash can to reveal the trash bag inside. “I just put a couple drops of essential oil in every new bag.”
The video ends with Victoria demonstrating the hack by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the garbage bag and closing the trash can’s lid.
Victoria’s hacks had TikTokers applauding her and asking for more useful cleaning tricks.
“The fabric softener trick is ingenious,” one TikToker wrote. 
“More of these, please!” another TikToker requested.
“Please keep these tips coming! So helpful,” commented another viewer. 
When it comes to keeping your home neat and tidy, Victoria shows us that sometimes it’s possible to work smarter, not harder!
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