During the midst of a media censorship regarding the public absence of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, UK tabloids finally broke the silence by publishing photographs of, who they depicted was, the royal engaged in a casual shopping spree.

A tabloid paper, The Sun, published a video and a photograph of what it called was a smiling Kate, 42, walking alongside her husband, Prince William, at a market in Windsor. The paper’s front page splashed a photograph and headlined it: “Great to see you Kate.”

The British media claims these new pictures were taken on Saturday. Usually a pro-royal family publication, the Sun claims experts called the video as a “perfect answer to trolls”.

The Daily Mail, often supportive of the royals, called it the “image that will silence the conspiracy theorists”.

Nelson Silva, 40, who took the video, was shopping for steak at the farm shop when he spotted Kate and William in the bread aisle

The sight of Kate, characterized as ‘bearing and relaxed’ alongside her husband, elicited a fervent reaction among royal observers, who believed that it had finally put an end to the rumours regarding her wellbeing and whereabouts.

“Great to see (via @TheSun ) Kate laughing and joking with William on their shopping trip. She’s obviously recovering well. This should end a lot of the conspiracy theories,” remarked Piers Morgan, a popular pro-royal British broadcaster.


Nonetheless, the majority of individuals on social media remained skeptical, stating that the cheerful figure carrying shopping bags depicted in the photograph did not appear to be Kate. They were of the opinion that the person lacked any resemblance to the Princess, citing disparities in the shape of the ears and the structure of the cheekbones.


Some individuals have even emphasized the recurrent emergence of grainy images and videos purporting to depict the Princess of Wales, expressing scepticism towards them.

One user on ‘X’ expressed disapproval regarding the use of technology today, stating that it yields the best possible photograph, akin to the photograph of a UFO or Bigfoot.

One individual expressed their concern by stating, “If you happen to reside in Britain and possess knowledge of the location of the farm shop depicted in the video featuring the fictitious Kate Middleton and Prince William, kindly provide us with photographs to demonstrate whether there are any remaining Christmas decorations.”



The UK media has already claimed that Kate Middleton is still not due to return to public duties until mid-April.