Tom Cruise was spotted back in London to resume filming for his upcoming ‘Mission Impossible 8’ movie

Filming for ‘Dead Reckoning Part Two’ halted last month after a $23 million equipment malfunction

Tom Cruise is back in London to resume filming Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 2.

After filming was halted last month due to an equipment malfunction on set, the 61-year-old actor was spotted landing at London Heliport in Battersea to continue filming for the eighth installment of the blockbuster film.

In photographs obtained by the Daily Mail, Cruise looked in high spirits as he returned to the capital of England after last being there in April.

The action star sported an all-black ensemble, keeping warm in a beanie and a puffer jacket that he held in his arms.

Dead Reckoning Part Two has faced several setbacks since filming first began in 2022.

Production was suspended in 2023 due to the SAD-AFTRA strikes, pushing back the 2024 release date by at least a year.

Then, in May, there was a costly malfunction of a gimbal – a device essential for maneuvering the $23 million submarine used during filming.

An insider spilled to In Touch Weekly that Cruise has been “on edge as he tried to finally bring the production to a close.”

They further shared that in 2023, “the movie was actually very far along, with 75 percent of it filmed and just one remaining giant action sequence to stage in the U.K., which they’ve only just gotten around to actually shooting in the past several weeks.”