Summertime is in full swing — and when it comes to manis and pedis, there truly are two types of people. On one hand you have the manicure minimalists who go for neutral-hued tips (or even take the warm months have a naked nail summer, allowing their nails to breathe). And on the other end of the spectrum, the major maximalists who opt for “more is more” nail art for their poolside weekends and tropical getaways.

Seemingly every single day, a new buzzy nail art trend is swirling all over the For You pages of TikTok scrollers, with pool water nails, vanilla French tips, and aura manis a few recent standouts. Though in line with the buzzy “coconut girl” aesthetic and an ever-present mermaidcore influence, hibiscus nail art is no doubt an understated hero that fits the bill of both unique vibes.

While tiny detailed hibiscus flowers may seem like a salon-only mani made nearly impossible for the at-home painters of the world — a new NailTok hack is currently storming the viral platform, proving the complete opposite to be true. The effortless technique in question makes painting on hibiscus flowers seem like a total breeze (even for the more artistically challenged).

Zara, a manicurist known on TikTok as @zacrylics, uses two nail tools to create hibiscus flowers: A tiny metal dotting tool, as well as a pencil-thin bristle brush.

First, she begins creating petals with tiny dots of nail polish grouped in three with the dotting tool. Once those dots have been laid, she then goes in with the brush, feathering the polish towards the center to create the appearance of five dimensional petals.

While you can stop there for a more simple flower, she then creates a long, ultra-thin line from the center of the flower with the bristle brush, adding tiny dots at the tip to mimic the look of the tropical flower.

Will you be giving at-home hibiscus flowers a go this summer?