This list of the best big data tutorials on YouTube will introduce you to the topic and help provide a jump-start to your career in the field.

The growing importance of data management best practices and techniques for delivering against big data are becoming paramount in the enterprise. The big data landscape is evolving in real-time, which has organizations scrambling to utilize their data architectures soundly. Coupled with this, Hadoop and the data lake have emerged as technologies no company can ignore, as they complement the data warehouse quite nicely, and in some cases are even replacing it.

Learning big data can be a complicated process, and it’s not easy to know where to start. As a result, our editors have compiled this list of the best big data tutorials on YouTube to help you learn about the topic and hone your skills before you move on to mastering it. All of the videos here are free to access and feature guidance from some of the top minds and biggest brands in the online learning community. All of the best big data tutorials listed out a minimum of 100,000 views.

Here Are Big Data Tutorials Available on YouTube

What Is Big Data – Hadoop Training

Description: This big data tutorial helps you to understand big data in detail. This tutorial discusses the evolution of big data, factors associated with big data, and different opportunities in big data. Further, it outlines various problems associated with big data and how Hadoop emerged as a solution.


Big Data & Hadoop Full Course – Learn Hadoop in 10 Hours

Description: This big data and Hadoop full course video will help you understand and learn Hadoop concepts in detail. This tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the Hadoop ecosystem. Topics include IBM analytics use cases, different domains, HDFS, MapReduce, and other Apache tools.


Big Data In 5 Minutes – Introduction To Big Data


Description: This video will help you understand what big data is, why Hadoop came into existence, and what Hadoop is. You will also learn about the storage unit and processing unit of Hadoop, and the implementation of big data through use cases. In the end, students will have a quiz on Hadoop.



Apache Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners

Description: This Hadoop tutorial for beginners will help you to understand the problem with traditional systems while processing big data and how Hadoop solves it. This tutorial will provide you with a comprehensive idea about HDFS and YARN along with their architecture that has been explained in a very simple manner using examples and practical demonstration.


Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners

Description: Data analysts and Hadoop experts are in high demand. The big data and data analytics industry is growing fast and wide, with a growth rate of 23 per cent through 2026 and average salaries of $85,000. IT mavens like Google, Amazon, and IBM as well as growing start-ups are always in search of big data experts. As a result, Great Learning released this tutorial on Apache Hadoop to help you get started.