Lauren Castro
Posted on Sep 27, 2022
In a viral video, TikToker Jerry Lee (@jerryjhlee) shared a resource for future employees to utilize in their job search as well as in their career. The video has over 865,800 views. 
“What are some unethical life hacks?” the stitched video asked. 
Lee is the Chief Operating Officer of Wonsulting, a company aimed at helping others through their career journey, and often shares tips for bettering yourself professionally on his account.
“Google search ‘LinkedIn skill assessment answers github,’” he instructed, answering the stitched video’s question. After clicking the first link, users will allegedly have the answers to all of the skill assessments on LinkedIn’s platform. 
LinkedIn skill assessments are often used by employers and those hoping to beef up their resumes. Each assessment consists of 15 multiple-choice questions, according to the site. The assessment topics range from technical and business skills to even design skills.
“Use sparingly,” Lee wrote in the caption. 
In the comments section, users shared their thoughts on the thought of “cheating” in the job search.
“That’s not a life hack… That’s a cheat code for career mode,” one user said. 
“Wouldn’t consider this unethical since most hiring practices have become borderline unethical,” another commented.
“Ok but then eventually someone will expect you to know the stuff,” a third user said. 
The Daily Dot reached out to Lee via email.

Lauren Castro is a reporter based in Austin, Texas.
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