Summer is in full swing, but your tween boy doesn’t have to be a couch potato. Hopefully, these craft ideas get him excited to make new things!
Many moms look for summer activities for their kids. One popular idea is to make some fun arts and crafts because they let kids be creative. Unfortunately, sometimes as boys get older, they try to act "too cool" for craft projects. But, that's okay, because these 9 craft ideas were specifically made with tween boys in mind!
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Bending wire can be tough work, which means this craft is perfect for boys who want to look strong. It's also a low-material project, which is great for many reasons.
For this craft, all you need is some sculpture wire and some sort of base to attach the sculpture to. Then, let your son go to town creating a figure. If you want to take things up a notch, you can also try out this version of the project, which adds paper marche and black paint to the sculpture.
These bracelets have been very popular in recent years, especially with the boys. The ones in stores may not fit a tween's wrist quite right, but you can easily make your own at home.
For this project, you need some parachute cord (can be purchased from any craft store or even Amazon), plastic buckles for the ends, then scissors and a lighter. Then, you can just follow the directions outlined here for step-by-step assistance.
All boys love to get messy. So why not make some slime? It's the perfect summer activity because it's messy, fun, and can absolutely be made outside!
This blogger tested out five different recipes for slime, so you can decide which one seems the most fun for your family to make. In most cases though you need just a few basic ingredients, and there are ways to make the slime virtually any color you want.
Most tween boys are sick of basic tie-dye, but these shirts give crafty shirts a whole new twist! You need two or more colors of acrylic paint, a 100% cotton shirt for each person, and some durable items that won't let sun through (and won't get stuck to the t-shirt). Then, simply follow these directions to make your fun new shirts for the summer!
If you like the idea of tie-dye but want to get the boys involved, then check out this idea to make tie-dye shirts with water guns! All you need is a basic tie-dye kit, a variety of water guns, and a shirt for each person. You simply hang the shirts up on a clothesline (add some cardboard inside the shirt if you don't want it to bleed through, the let everyone fire away!
This DIY project requires some adult assistance, but it involves fire, so your tween boy will be all in! And, your tween can even use this craft project to cook dinner for you afterwards, making it a win-win.
All you need are some cans, a wire hanger, a small amount of insulation, something to cut the metal, and a marker (high heat paint optional). The full directions can be found here, but just remember to bring heavy gloves and safety goggles before you start!
Summer Crafts don't have to be something you'll never use again. They can also be practical items that kids play with over and over again, like these spinning Nerf targets.
For this project, you'll need a tri-fold presentation board, bamboo skewers, plastic straws, duct tape, scissors, and a utility knife. You'll probably also want some art supplies for your child to design their targets with. Then you cut out everything, and when you're ready you attach the targets to the holes you cut in the board — it's fairly simple! After that, your kids can stop using you as a Nerf gun target.
If your tween is still into LEGOs, then this LEGO Hat idea from Moms & Crafters is sure going to be a hit! You won't be able to make the LEGO design too elaborate (it gets heavy), but your kid can still have fun making something cool to put in their hat. People will want to know where he got the cool hat, and he can share that he made it himself, which is pretty neat!
While we may not love the idea of promoting mischief, this craft project is fairly tame compared to slingshots and other items. Also, it can be a great way to use a craft to promote outdoor play, which all of our kids desperately need more of.
According to Happiness Is Homemade, all you need is some PVC pipe and connectors. You can also pick up some paint while you're at the hardware store if you want to paint the shooters. Then add a bag of marshmallows and let the kids go at it.
Summer is in full swing, but your tween boy doesn't have to be a couch potato. Hopefully, these craft ideas get him excited to make new things all season long!
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