By Jeremy Coumbes on December 8, 2022 at 10:15am
Marijuana, coffee, and cell towers were some of the most heavily discussed items during the Jacksonville Plan Commission Meeting last night.
The rezoning request for the proposed marijuana craft grow facility that would be operated in a portion of the former AC Humko plant was approved, changing from M-2 to M-2 with special use.
Last week the City Council approved a first reading of the ordinance variation that would allow the recreational use grow plant to operate less than the required 1,500-foot setback from residential property. If approved by the council, a request for the use of the emergency clause could be granted, allowing for build-out to commence.
The commission also approved a petition to rezone property located at 1110 West Morton Avenue where a new Starbucks Coffee could be built.
Mark Wilhoite with Compton Addy Real Estate Development of Cincinnati, Ohio attended the meeting and says a lot of thought has gone into the project with the hope of hitting the ground running next year.
The site plan was approved tonight, and we also need the special use for the drive through which was also approved. So the Starbucks will be a typical Starbucks, about 2400 square feet. It will be a masonry building with a Dryvit EIFS top with some wood paneling. A typical Starbucks with the same branding.
So it sounds like right now if we get through permitting over the next month to forty-five days, we’d close on the property because we don’t own all these properties until we get all our approvals. Probably commence construction in February or March, and they typically take about six months to finish. So our goal is August or September of next year to have it open to the public.”
A rezoning request was also approved for a new cellular tower proposed to be built on the north side of Jacksonville at 1001 West Walnut Street.
Chris Warwick, Director of External and Legislative Affairs with AT&T and representatives of MasTec who would build the tower spoke to the commission last night. Warwick says the property located near Casey’s General Store, would fill a much-needed gap in 5G coverage on the north side of the city that includes the high school and the hospital.
He says there would also be room for other points of use, including the possibility of one for the city if the tower is approved. “We’ll work with the first responders, there is room on the tower. As MasTec pointed out there is room for three carriers on the tower, so we would be on the top and they there’s room for two others. So that could be a competitor of ours, or it could be a spot for the city.”
Rezoning requests that were also approved by the commission last night included adding special use to the B-3 zoning for the former Howe Electric Building at 340 West College Avenue where a combination liquor store and laundromat is planned.
As well as a petition by Adam Jamison to rezone 1775 West Walnut Street for conversion into a sports and entertainment complex with food, and beverage services, and an arcade.