After an unfortunate spill in the kitchen, you tear off your final paper towel, revealing the bare, cardboard roll underneath. Instead of tossing it in the bin, recycle it into a fun, useful craft to enjoy with your kiddos. 
Organize Gift Wrap 
Gift wrap storage is often messy and disorganized. Rolls unravel with ease, which leads to unwanted tearing and waste. Instead of tossing your paper towel rolls in the trash, cut them into small pieces. Cut a line vertically through the roll. Wrap it around your gift wrap to hold it in place between holidays. 
Seed Starters 
Give your green thumb a go! Save money and reduce waste by turning your used paper towel rolls into small seed starter pots. Cut the roll into fourths. Fold the bottom in like you would a box. Fill the pots with light planting soil and pack it down. Add the seeds of your choice and help them grow. Once they’ve been kept safely in the starters for a couple of weeks, transport them into the garden by placing the paper towel roll directly in the ground. 
Pencil Cup 
Keep your desk organized with this easy craft. Cut the paper towel roll to the size of your choice. Cut one paper towel roll in half vertically. Trace circles with the first paper towel roll on this piece, and cut them out. Glue them to the bottom. Decorate with construction paper, paint, washi tape and anything else your heart desires!
DIY Bird Feeder
Cover your paper towel holder in a thick coat of peanut butter. Roll it in birdseed so that all the peanut butter is covered. Pat it on so it sticks! Hang from a tree branch and watch the birds flock to enjoy a nice snack. 
Cord Holder
Keep your cords in order with this fun, easy hack. Cut paper towel holders into fourths. Line them along the bottom of a drawer or a plastic bin. Store cords in the individual compartments you’ve created for easy access and a tangle-free life!

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