The Breakdown

Sound level of keys



1. Excellent Build 2. Decent RGB Options 3. Transparent keycaps 5. Removable keycaps and switches


1. Quite heavy 2. Supports only one connection mode

About three weeks ago, we reviewed the KiiBoom Phantom 81 mechanical keyboard with transparent keys. Now, we have the tougher KiiBoom Moonshadow 81 in for review. When the package came in, we received five boxes and were quite curious why a mechanical keyboard would come in five boxes. Well, it turned out that three of the boxes contained the KiiBoom custom mechanical switches. Each box contains 35 switches and the three boxes have 105 switches.

KiiBoom Moonshadow Review
Five boxes that we received

The KiiBoom Moonshadow is a 75% mechanical keyboard with 81 keys so we obviously wouldn’t need all the switches. One of the boxes contains the KiiBoom Moonshadow keyboard itself while the last box has the KiiBoom custom transparent keycaps. This makes the total of five boxes we received as shown above.

Inside the keyboard box

The interesting part of this keyboard is that you will have to install the mechanical switches and keycaps yourself. This is quite cool because the entire process is very simple. Unlike the Phantom 81, the Moonshadow is not completely see-through, only the keycaps are transparent. However, the RGB lightning effect of this mechanical keyboard is so cool and there are multiple options.