What to Know

  • Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation Department’s annual “Spring Jubilee”
  • Dozen of events will pop up at 57 regional parks, with music, family activities, egg hunts, and more
  • Dates vary, so check with your local park and see what is on the schedule

There are seasonal celebrations that pop up on our calendar, but anything to do with bright eggs and warm-weather smiles?

We’ll say that those special happenings don’t pop up but “hop up,” much in the way that dozens of delightful happenings hop, hop, hop into the pretty parks of Southern California each spring.

The hoppenings, er, happenings are all a playful part of the Spring Jubilee, an annual treat from the Los Angeles County of Parks & Recreation Department.

And the 2023 schedule has now rolled into our worlds, much like a colorful egg rolls down a grassy hill on a sweet spring Saturday.

Good to know? Each park may do its own thing, and every festivity on the list is taking place before Easter, which is Sunday, April 9.

Some of the fun times will add a merry note to late March, while others will raise their baskets high a week or even a day ahead of the holiday. So do check to see when the park your family loves best is holding its gathering.

Some of the activities that may be included?

Egg hunts, oh yes, and live music, and crafty pastimes, and food tastings, too. To find out the specific offerings of your closest park, and make sure an egg hunt or other must-do will be featured, hop by the specific site for your park pick soon.

Good to know before you go? Some of the events will take place in the later afternoon and early evening, while others will be early-in-the-day affairs, with times that start before noon.

March 30 is the first day for the jubilee-ish joy, with Charter Oak Park in Covina and Pathfinder Park in Rowland Heights among the first spots on the springtime schedule.

The last places to hop by, on Easter Saturday? Parks in Compton, Altadena, and Pearblossom are on the list.