A SAVVY woman has revealed how she managed to set up a utility area in her kitchen using products from just Matalan and fan-favourite IKEA. 

While some people have a separate, small room to do their laundry, others don’t and often struggle to store everything needed for it neatly. 

A woman has unveiled her DIY project of creating a utility area in her kitchenCredit: Extreme Couponing and Bargains

And after dealing with this issue for some time, Gemma Krelle set about making her own utility area in her kitchen to fix it. 

Taking to the ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group’ on Facebook, Gemma posted a stunning photo of what she had done for all to see and take inspiration from. 

In the snap, viewers could see a storage unit with two laundry baskets on the left, alongside two boxes on top. 

Next to this, she had placed another unit for the tumble dryer, with a separate section for all the laundry products. 

DIY utility area in my kitchen,” she wrote in the caption. “We put two pieces of MDF together for the dryer top £20, Added two poles for legs £5, Added cabinet above to store laundry products in £28. [sic] 

“Added storage unit on side to use for laundry baskets £30, Added the pull out trolly to store laundry products £10. Then added the laundry accessories”. [sic] 

People were quick to comment on the unit as one person wrote: “Love this!” as another shared: “Looks beautiful Gemma, thank you for idea sharing! I definitely want that storage for laundry baskets xxxx”. [sic] 

A third added: “I love this well done on utilising the space you have I don’t have a utility room my dryer is in my kitchen and I may actually pinch this idea x”. [sic] 

“Where is the trolley at the side with washing powder on it from please x,” [sic] one person questioned, to which another replied by sending a photo of IKEA’s £1 Vesken white trolley. 

Another person asked where the storage unit on the side was from, to which one person replied: “I’ve got one mine was from Amazon x”. [sic] 

Gemma herself then answered the question, clearing up any confusion as she said it was from IKEA. 

“It looks absolutely gorgeous!! I have a little area in my kitchen where the washer and dryer is I love the little signs where did you get those from please? Xx”. [sic] 

Gemma replied: “from Matalan xx”. [sic]