Logitech will launch its Cloud G gaming handheld in Germany before the end of May. With it, cloud gaming is possible on the go – with a seven-inch Full HD screen.

Cloud gaming in mini format

Cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular as it allows gaming access without expensive gaming computers. This is made possible by offloading games to a powerful cloud, from which they are streamed to the output device that also controls them. Logitech’s Cloud G is a rather unusual cloud gaming device as a handheld: it is small, handy and suitable for use on the go.

It is equipped with a seven-inch Full HD display that offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Thanks to the 16:9 format, the gaming experience is full-screen. Games can be streamed to the Cloud G in connection with a PC or console. The Xbox app, Steam Link or other apps from Google’s Play Store that enable cloud gaming or a gaming stream from one’s own PC or console can be used for this.

The device itself weighs just 463 grams and is equipped with a battery that lasts up to twelve hours. This makes it ideal for long gaming sessions. It can be operated via a kind of integrated controller. There are numerous function keys and sticks on both the right and left side next to the screen, which allow controlling the device. Besides that, a virtual button assignment is also possible for many games.

The Cloud G is rounded off by Shadow PC compatibility. This makes it possible to turn the handheld into a virtual PC via app, which works completely via the cloud.

Price and availability

The Cloud G will be available in this country from May 22. For the first month, it will be offered in an entry-level package along with up to six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership with cloud gaming, as well as one-month subscriptions each to NVIDIA GeForce NOW Priority and Shadow PC. The price is 359 Euros.