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Jul 21, 2022, 12:33 ET
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MIAMI, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "Heroina" is taking over, and if it’s not yet on your street, it’s surely just around the corner. It raises the heartbeat and the body’s temperature, puts an instant smile on everyone’s face, and makes the crowds dance like nobody’s watching. It’s very addictive, but rumors say you can never get overdosed.

Original and surprising by its topic and the catchy, bouncy rhythm, "Heroina" was written and composed by Elam Jay, who is also the song’s performer, and was recorded in Miami JAYVIBE studios. With strong intuition and eclectic musical background, the artist takes on a new challenge and mixes trap, rap, Latin rhythms, and African sonorities into one original sound, just perfect to pump up any party.
Elam Jay, CEO of Jayvibe Records Atlanta and Miami Jayvibe studios, signs with this fire-starter hit song, his comeback in Africa and the Middle East, where he also implemented audio and video studios with the head offices in Morocco.
The singer, songwriter, producer, and director graved his name in people’s hearts with "Morena" the super hit song that still slaps today. At the time, as a pioneer in his field, he was the first African artist to include in his music videos 3D visuals that caught everyone’s eye.
Today, once again, Elam is about to bring the music industry in Africa and the Middle East one step forward, being the first to use in a music video, the new technology called Unreal Engine­, currently only known in the gaming business and few cinematographic production companies around the world. The "Heroina" music video tells the story of an incendiary party and was filmed in high-end equipped studios in Morocco.
With the vision of strengthening ties between Africa and America and one foot on both continents, Elam Jay believes that music with its harmonic language is a bridge between cultures, and helps transcend racial boundaries.
Brace yourself and get ready for it! "Heroina" is nothing like what you’ve heard before!
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