Assam is a state with a rich cultural legacy, and one of its most well-known festivals is the harvest festival known as Bihu. This year, Magh Bihu falls on January 15 and women dress traditionally for this occasion.
Mekhela Chadar is an ethnic Indian cloth with multiple ways to drape it. This traditional attire is a particular type of saree used by the Assamese and is draped differently and divided into two halves.
Since not everyone knows how to wear it properly if you’re planning on celebrating Bihu and want to drape it in the traditional manner, check out this step-by-step guide to drape a Mekhela Chadar.
How to wear a Mekhela Chadar in traditional Assamese style
Step 1: Wear the bottom part of Mekhela Chadar like you would wear a skirt
Step 2: Form a pleat with your right hand, hold it with your hand while making two pleats with your left hand, and hold it between your index and forefinger,
Step 3: Bring all the pleats together and align them properly all the way to the bottom.
Step 4: Tuck the upper part into your petticoat till it reaches the correct length. The petticoat should sit below your navel.
Step 5: Put the upper part of the saree on your left arm and adjust the length of the pallu as per your preference.
Step 6: Bring the other end of the chadar to the front in a manner that drapes your waist once.
Step 7: Tuck the inner border into the petticoat and let one end dangle so that it forms a neat triangle pleat that aligns with the Mekhela.
Step 8: Pin this pleat with the Mekhela. Similarly, form a few pleats of the Chadar and pin it to your shoulder. Pin both pleats together.
Step 9: Bring the remaining part of the Chadar to the front across your back.
Step 10: Cover your head with the Chadar for a more traditional look.
Watch this video to learn how to drape Mekhela Chadar.