Beasts of the skies and bomb-ravaged city tours – CNN

Wide-body airliner: At 251 feet, the aircraft is longer than its predecessor the 777-300ER (242 feet 4 inches,) as well as the Airbus A350-1000, which measures just over 242 feet.


Aerial display: The aircraft soars through the sky during a demonstration flight at the Farnborough Airshow earlier this month.


Highly anticipated: US aircraft maker Boeing proudly showcased a test version of the 777-9X, one of two 777X variants, at the Farnborough Airshow, a UK-based aviation trade event, which ran from July 18 to 22.


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The agency is working on Quiet SuperSonic Technology to reduce the explosion-like bang traditionally produced when planes break the sound barrier, meaning that crafts like its X-59 supersonic jet will be able to fly over land – something that’s prohibited by regulations because of the noise nuisance.