WEST CHESTER, PA. — TBJ Gourmet, maker of bacon jam, is raising $1.5 million in an equity crowdfunding round to build a production facility and launch new products.
Founded in 2013, TBJ Gourmet collects the excess trimmings from pork processors to create its sweet and savory spreads. The bacon ends are cooked with caramelized onions, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar. Varieties include classic, sweet chili, black pepper and honey habanero.
“To date we’ve rescued over 500,000 lbs of bacon ends,” said Michael Oraschewsky, founder and chief executive officer.
The company has sold more than 1 million jars of bacon jam, totaling $6 million in revenue.
“This all started back in my old restaurant,” Mr. Oraschewsky said. “We had some excess bacon, and we turned it into bacon jam. The customers loved it so much that they asked us to put it in jars.”
The brand has distribution in thousands of specialty retailers, restaurants and Walmart stores nationwide.
A new production facility will help the company increase margin and optimize efficiency. TBJ Gourmet also plans to develop products with additional overlooked or unused ingredients, such as spent beer grains and surplus vegetables, Mr. Oraschewsky said. Additionally, the company is focused on expanding in the foodservice channel.
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