Big Brother is stalking us. Governments such as the United States, India, Russia or Turkey they asked Twitter to access the data of almost 200,000 accounts, many of them from journalists. And while, UK wants to remove end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp, with the excuse of pursuing child pornography.
The iPhone 14 and the Pro versions are going to be like night and day: They will not only differ in the processor, the cameras or the type of memory. Also in the quality of the OLED screen.
In 1973, MIT software predicted that a global disaster would take place in the world in 2020 (the pandemic?, and that climate change would gradually reduce the quality of life. He set a date for the end of the world: the year 2040. Well, at this rate…
Google removes one of its most useful features but doesn’t explain why. read the news
Twitter reveals the governments of which countries request more information from the users of the social network. read the news
TikTok is also going to launch mini-games in the app, the Chinese company is going for everything. read the news
The largest DDoS attack in history occurred last week, exceeding the previous one by 20%. read the news
We launch the logo at, 10 years of success on the web that was born to break down barriers. read the news
WhatsApp and end-to-end encryption to avoid government information requests: how to configure it. read the news
Samsung keeps the good stuff and could leave the iPhone 14 without its best screens. read the news
The Pixel 6a has a bug where it can sometimes be unlocked with any fingerprint. read the news
The best alternatives to Google News that you can install on your Android phone. check the list
Create the formula you need for Excel with this AI. read the tutorial
Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum attract more than current money despite mistrust and these would be the reasons. read the news
Matter advances as the standard that will unify all the devices in your smart home. read the news
How to do lettering and get started in this hobby. read the tutorial
5 very common mistakes with the Netflix app, and how you can fix them right away. read the news
Prime Video is looking for its own “Stranger Things effect” with the premiere of its new series. read the news
The premiere movies and series in August on Netflix, a quick video look. read the news
GuideDoc, the Spanish documentary platform that has carved out a niche for itself in streaming without even realizing it. read the news
Google updates the minimum requirements of Android Auto leaving out many devices. read the news
Various Honda cars can be hacked remotely and this is a serious security issue. read the news
Anti-inflammatory diet: the fashionable diet that has the approval of the OCU. read the news
The Earth breaks its rotation record and can end up affecting even your mobile. read the news
James Webb could have taken a picture of his first supernova and this is the picture. read the news
An MIT software predicted in 1973 the reasons and the year for the end of humanity and its accuracy is frightening. read the news
He finds a piece of space junk from SpaceX on his doorstep. read the news
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