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Rain or shine, these crafts will keep your kiddos busy for hours.
Whether it’s summer break and you need an activity to keep the little one busy or you have an under-the-weather kiddo at home in need of some entertainment, these cute and clever crafts for kids will do just that. Added bonus, they’re useful and double as decorations or toys, so after they make it they can find the perfect spot to display it in their room (who doesn’t love admiring their handiwork) or spend hours playing with their new creation. Win, win!
When holidays approach, kids crafts can make fun DIY gifts for grandmas or Father’s Day gift ideas. They’ll appreciate the time spent on making something heartfelt and sentimental. Don’t be surprised if they end up on the refrigerator or mantel. If you’re looking for something useful, try the grilling apron, picnic blanket, or bandana-covered pots. Younger kids may need a bit of help or supervision, especially when hot glue guns or sharp scissors are involved. But there are options here for all ages and abilities, so don’t be intimidated by the skill level.
These papier-mâché vases are ideal for serving candy or holding a beautiful bouquet. Fun for older ages.
To make: Blow up a large and a medium balloon. Cover each with white papier-mâché craft paper, leaving bottom quarter to third uncovered and edges rough. Let dry. Pop balloons, and remove. Set a glass vase inside each, and fill with water and flowers.
Blooms will brighten up any day. Make with real, wild, or fake flowers. Fun for older ages (with an adult to supervise with the wire cutters and wire).
To make: Start by measuring the circumference of head of the person who will wear the crown. Next cut a piece of wire that is about 2 inches longer than the measurement, twist ends together to form a circle. Next gather a few blooms (trimming ends to about 2-inches) and wrap together with floral twine. Repeat until you have enough flower bundles to cover the entire wire circle. Use floral tape to attach the bundles to the wire round, overlapping slightly to cover up stems.
Add a pop of color to a simple cotton basket. Fun for all ages.
To make: Dip the top quarter of a cotton basket in desired color of fabric dye. When dry, fill candy or craft supplies.
Created from grosgrain ribbon and vintage or new buttons, these sweet DIY flowers can be used as napkin rings or tied around a wrist for a special and sweet bracelet. Fun for all ages
To make: For each napkin ring, cut 3/8-inch-wide white grosgrain ribbon into five 3-inch-long pieces; round ends. Glue one piece on top of the next, offsetting as you go to create a flower shape. Glue a yellow button in center and a length of green twine to back for tying.
Embroidery hoops filled with cane webbing can be turned into art work by stitching with yarn or simply used to hang ear rings. Either way, they are fun project for a raining day. Fun for all ages (with an adult to supervise with the needle).
To make: Separate rings of embroidery hoops. Cut pieces of caning that are just larger than the inside ring, then attach to the ring with hot- glue. Paint outer ring, if desired. Once dry, slip over inside ring and tighten. For artwork, thread yarn on a large-eyed needle, and stitch desired pattern. To use as a jewelry holder, simply hang or attach earrings through caning holes.
Brighten up your pots by covering them in an array of colorful bandanas. Fun for all ages (with an adult to supervise with the Mod Podge).

To make: Use Mod Podge to attach a bandana to the outside of desired-size clay pots, folding fabric one inch over the top rim and cutting off extra fabric as needed. Once dry, fill with seasonal blooms or ferns.
Bring a little fresh scent on a gloomy day with a DIY tree-shaped air freshener. Added bonus—they are made with essential oils, so no nasty chemicals involved. Fun for all ages (with an adult to supervise with the essential oils).

To make: Trace the shape of a wooden Christmas tree ornament on a scrap of fabric twice. Cut out and glue to the front and back of the ornament. Once dry, soak the fabric with Dad’s favorite essential oil (we used cedar). Thread twine through the ornament loop for hanging.
Kids love getting their hands dirty, and creating this fun flower shaped bowl out of oven-baked clay will allow them to do just that. Fun for all ages (with an adult’s help with the oven).
To make: Use Sculpey (or another oven baked clay) to form a large flower petal. Form a smaller petal and press it into the center of the larger petal. Place plastic beads in bottom of the bowl. Bake, per package instructions, to melt plastic and harden clay.
What you’ll need: oven-bake clay ($14,; plastic beads ($8,
Kids can paint stripes, their initials, or anything that strikes their fancy on their soon-to-be favorite yard lounging blanket. Fun for all ages.
To make: Wash and iron a desired size hardware store canvas drop cloth. Use fabric paint (or mix fabric paint fixative with acrylic paint per package directions). Tape off desired pattern with painter’s tape and paint drop cloth. Allow to dry and head outside.
What you’ll need: drop cloth ($17,; fabric paint ($24,
Make Dad or Mom a catch-all dish where they can stash those trinkets you collect together on your adventures. Fun for all ages (with an adult’s help with the oven).

To make: Pinch and shape oven-bake clay into a small, shallow dish. Bake according to manufacturer’s directions. Once cool, paint as desired with acrylic paint. Once dry, seal with satin-finish Mod Podge.
There is nothing more fun and satisfying than making pom poms! Turn the soft squishy puffs into flowers for an evergreen bouquet. Fun for all ages.

To make: Start by placing a green pipe cleaner parallel with the tines of a fork so that it extends 3 inches above the tines. Wrap yarn perpendicularly around all the tines. Fold the 3-inch section of pipe cleaner down over the yarn, slide everything off the fork, and wrap the two pieces of pipe cleaner together. Carefully cut the wrapped yarn and trim any scraggly ends. Repeat as desired. Wrap stems together with a length of ribbon.

What you’ll need: yarn ($7,; pipe cleaners ($9,; ribbon ($9,
Technically there is no crafting needed to set up this silly outdoor game. No mini bowling pins, no worries: use small plastic bottles partially filled water instead. Let the gourd times roll! Fun for all ages.
What you’ll need: bowling pins ($30,
An gift for the grilling lover who cherishes spending time out back barbecuing a delicious meal for friends, family, and especially the crafter of this fun apron. Fun for all ages.
To make: Use fabric markers or fabric paint and a small paint brush to paint “grill master” and a grill on a plain canvas apron. Once dry, have kids dip their pinky fingers in orange, red, and yellow paint and press onto apron, just above grill grates, to create flames.
Kids will love keeping their desks in tip-top shape with a hand crafted paper weight bearing their initials. Fun for all ages.

To make:
Start by cutting fabric into strips. Adhere to a small rock (2 to 3 inches) with glossy Mod Podge. Cut an initial and a heart from felt and adhere to the top of the rock. Allow to dry completely.

What you’ll need: fabric ($11,; felt ($6,; Mod Podge ($6,
Kids will love crafting these hand stitched cards that they can gift to a friend or hang on their bulletin board. Bonus, you probably have most of the supplies on hand for this project. Fun for all ages (with an adult’s help with the needle).
To make: Start by cutting a shape (try a flower or an animal shape) from medium to thick craft paper. Punch holes along the border with a small hole punch. Stitch, using embroidery floss, thin twine, or yarn. Add additional flare like a pipe cleaner stem and a pretty vintage button
What you’ll need: card stock ($25;; yarn ($11;; buttons ($7;
These kooky creatures make story time more exciting.
Get the tutorial at I Heart Crafty Things.

What you’ll need: paper lunch bags ($7,; acrylic paint ($10,; card stock ($13,
Have your kiddies decorate their very own rainbow fish with sparkly scales.
Get the tutorial at Natural Beach Living.

What you’ll need: paper plates ($11,; googly eyes ($6,; acrylic paint ($10,
Little ones can turn cardboard tubes into these ferocious fire-breathing beasts.
Get the tutorial at One Little Project.
What you’ll need: construction paper ($15,; pom poms ($10,; tissue paper ($6,
Little crafters can make these dragonflies using clothespins and pipe cleaners.
Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning.

What you’ll need: pipe cleaners ($7,; googly eyes ($6,; clothespins ($5,
Have you kiddos craft a way to catch their dreams each night, inspired by the classic Roald Dahl book, The BFG.
Get the tutorial at The Suburban Mom.
What you’ll need: paper plates ($11,; sequins ($5,; pony beads ($10,

Salt, glue, and watercolors create some colorful, textured ocean art.
Get the tutorial at I Heart Arts N Crafts.
What you’ll need: glue ($5,; card stock ($13,; liquid watercolor paint ($8,

Keep the creativity glowing with these glow-in-the-dark fireflies.
Get the tutorial at One Little Project.
What you’ll need: tissue paper ($6,; glow sticks ($7,; pipe cleaners ($7,

This adorable rainbow cloud can help the youngest DIYers practice their cutting skills while learning the colors of the rainbow.
Get the tutorial at Easy Peasy And Fun.

What you’ll need: googly eyes ($6,; colored construction paper ($5,; glue stick ($2,
Recycle egg cartons to create an adorable band of turtles. There are caterpillar and a frog versions too!
Get the tutorial at Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

What you’ll need: tempura paint ($12,; pom poms ($13,; googly eyes ($6,