Sure, your baby has NO idea what Valentine's Day is, but we're all about sharing the love and doing a craft with your baby is a great way to get them involved. As parents you might think crafts for babies are limited (and you'd be right) but with you close by their side to help, together you can create some lurve-inspired crafts to proudly share with family or stick pride of place on the kitchen fridge.
Not to mention, baby crafts come with a ton of benefits. Getting babies involved with crafts from an early age can help them begin to identify shapes, colour, and texture and help to kickstart their fine motor skills. Arts and crafts often come with sensory play, fun and engaging, and it creates the perfect bonding experience for you and your little bundle of joy. Be prepared though, we're sure some of these will get a bit messy especially with excitable little 'uns.
To help with the inspiration, we've shared some super cute Valentine's Day craft ideas we found online along with the craft supplies that'll get your little one playing and giggling with glee in no time.
Easy Valentines Crafts For Babies
Valentines Fingerprint Canvas
All your little one needs to use for this craft is their fingers to create this canvas that any grandparents would love to have. Just put down a stencil first and pull off when they're finished getting messy! Don't want to get the paints involved? You could achieve something similar letting them scribble with crayons or pens.
Easy Heart Valentines Card
This is a super simple card for little ones to make; all you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter, some paint, and card for the masterpiece.
Clay Footprint Bowl
Baby's teeny tiny feet sure don't stay small, but you can remember just how diddy they were by printing them onto a clay bowl. You'll have to make the clay bowl yourself mind (somehow don't think your baby will master making that yet) but you can use the dish for jewellery or just an adorable keepsake.
Heart Rice Krispie Pops
Let your baby go wild with icing and Valentine's sprinkles and decorations. You can also let them get involved in the making of the Heart Rice Krispie Pops for extra sensory play, or just let them decorate shop-bought biscuits if you're looking for something even simpler. Either way, it's all going to take delicious.
Baby Handprint Flowers
Another cute card idea, turn your baby's handprints into a bouquet of red roses for a loved one. Super easy to do, just make sure it dries before you start making it into the final card.
Heart Crafts
You won't need much for this one – just draw a heart outline and let your little one decorate with tissue paper, watercolour paints, or pom poms to create pretty pictures. If you want them to stay in the lines, make sure to cut out the heart and then stick on plain paper or card afterwards.
Thumbprint Magnet
Get yourself some clear glass gems, craft magnets, and fingerprint ink pads and you can make some lovely magnets for the fridge imprinted with your baby's thumbprint. If you want to get a little more crafty, you can even turn these into necklaces or keychains.
Valentine's Day Painted Rocks
Rock painting is a fab way to inspire creativity in little ones – let them colour and paint their rock to their heart's delight and you can come in after with the finishing touches.
Cupid Arrow Heart Craft
How cute are these? These Cupid arrows use minimal supplies and just require sticking together (again, you might need to assist on the placement here).
'I Love You Berry Much' Card
You'll definitely need to assist with this one, but we love how simple and effective this Valentine's card is, using your little baby's handprint as the berry. There are loads of these on Pinterest if you'd like more inspo.
Work with your little one's hands and feet to make this sweet sign, perfect for your own home or gifting to the grandparents on Valentine's Day.
Valentines Heart Bouquet
This is similar to the paper heart crafts, but instead of decorating the one, your baby can stick, colour, and paint smaller hearts that you stick to the end of pipecleaners. Voila! A Valentine's Day bouquet.
All your little one needs to use for this craft is their fingers to create this canvas that any grandparents would love to have. Just put down a stencil first and pull off when they're finished getting messy! Don't want to get the paints involved? You could achieve something similar letting them scribble with crayons or pens.

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These heart-shaped cardboard wreaths make a cute base for sticking and decorating for Valentine's Day.

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Making Valentine's Day cards? Get crafty with these blank greetings cards in 6 assorted colours with envelopes included.

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No ink pad needed for these stampers. Tiny tots can just press down to leave pretty pink, purple, and red hearts in an array of designs including stripes, spots, and smiley faces. Cute!
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Coloured markers are a must for any parent and these ones from CRAYOLA have rounded and secure nibs to achieve bold strokes of colour as well as (thankfully!) being washable.
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With 100 sheets of coloured paper and card, this pack will have you covered for craft projects of all types.
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With a whopping 24 different colours to choose from, this air dry clay is soft and flexible, making it easy for small children to shape. It air dries completely in 24 hours so there's no need to bake.

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Get your baby to scribble, colour and stick on these wooden 3D heart decorations and hang up when dry to spread the love far and wide.
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Glue comes in very handy when it comes to crafts and this set of four comes in bright colours that help fill the gaps between your little one's sticking.

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These lovely heart shapes are the perfect wooden crafts for Valentine's Day and we think they'd be great for your little one to decorate like the Valentine's Day Painted Rock craft above.
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Dermatologically tested and perfect for kiddies aged 1 year and over, this set includes 4 smooth and creamy textured paint with a high covering power.

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This value pack of coloured tissue paper was made for Valentine's Day with a mix of red, pink purple, and white.

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These will provide hours of fun for sticking and sensory play – babies are sure to love the fuzzy feeling and sparkly touch.

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These jumbo paint pads are perfect for all those handprints and footprints you'll be using in the crafts. Each one is just the right size for a child to press down their full hand and you could use these for stamping and potato-printing too.

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This kit has everything you need to create the Heart Tissue Craft from scratch. It includes the self-adhesive card template, tissue paper, and hanging ribbon.
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If you want to be prepared for all sorts of crafting to come, not just on Valentine's Day, this kit is stuffed to the brim. It includes the likes of feathers, stickers, buttons, pipe cleaners and more.
It's the season of love and while we're absolutely spoiling our little ones on the daily, there's no better way to spend the day than to make it extra special for you both. As well as making some cute crafts together, you could:
• Dress them up in a Valentine's Day outfit for an impromptu photoshoot. You could even use these new pics to send to family and friends to spread the love, and cuteness, around.
• Lots of cuddles and snuggles – this was a given.
• Have a special Valentine's Day lunch with heart shaped treats for you and baby.
• Read a love-inspired book. A personal favourite of ours, and a classic, is 'Guess How Much I Love You' by Sam McBratney.
• Spend time with family or friends so you're both surrounded by people you love.
• Treat yourself! If you feel good, no doubt your baby will be feeling good too.
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