Maximize Your Existing Cabinets 


Kitchens, bathrooms, and sometimes laundry rooms or bedroom closets generally come with built-in cabinets. However, if you’re like most people, these areas quickly become crowded and disorganized. Small appliances, cookware, spices, pantry items, and tableware are in your kitchen, each deserving its own space. Luckily, these storage ideas and under-counter hacks will help you conquer the mess and keep your belongings organized and easy to find.  

Here are a few ideas to help you conquer clutter and make the most of every inch of your home’s cabinets: 

Install drawers. Adding pull-out drawers to your cabinets increases your storage space and makes items more easily accessible. There are many options for every type of cabinet that you can install yourself, from buying them pre-made to building them yourself.  

Adjustable shelves are another excellent way to utilize space efficiently. They house items of different sizes together in the same area. You can build these into your cabinets or use movable options such as wire racks.  

Lazy Susans are excellent for keeping like items together and providing easier access to hard-to-reach spaces in your cabinet. These spinning trays can be found in various sizes and used in every room in your house.  

Hang items on the back of doors. Adding hooks or pegboards to the inside of cabinet doors can turn them into efficient storage spots for items like mugs, towels, utensils, or pot lids.  

Baskets and containers help wrangle up small items such as food storage containers, make-up, medicine, crafts, and toys.  

Install Additional Cabinets 


When the current cabinets throughout your home aren’t enough to store all your items, it is time to consider adding some new ones. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive and creative ways to do this.  

Open cabinets can be an excellent solution for adding additional storage space. Use them to display your most attractive items, such as glassware, or for easy access to shoes or toys for your little ones. Consider how to take advantage of vertical or over-the-counter spaces with wall-mounted shelving.  

Cabinets as functional furniture are another way to go. Use a storage bench or a coffee table with cabinets to add cabinets with a dual purpose. A dresser or armoire in the dining room is perfect for storing dinnerware. Rolling cabinets for crafts, coffee, or drink station are other fun additions. 

Unique cabinet ideas include using a medicine cabinet in an office, craft room, or garage for small supplies. Try using a garden bench or portable cabinet as a grilling station. School lockers make for playful mudroom or kid’s room storage. Have old kitchen cabinets after a remodel? Repurpose them in your garage to store tools and car supplies. 

Some genius places for cabinets you may not have thought of include secret storage compartments behind artwork or mirror frames for added security and privacy. The space in between studs is also great for a tucked-in cabinet. Or how about under the bed?  

There are several ways you can effectively use cabinet storage space to declutter your home and achieve a clutter-free environment. You can easily find the right solution for your storage needs by taking these easy steps to improve or add cabinets. There are many options available that will suit your budget, needs, and space limitations.